Goals: “Just one more mile”

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Goals just one more mile on the stationary bikeSetting goals is great and works. Yes, they’ve helped me get where I wanted to go. But sometimes, just starting without a definite goal can also work in the gym.

Now, it’s always good to have some kind of idea about the destination. This could be as simple as a healthier or slimmer you. Those are goals, though, not very explicit goals.

I sometimes set goals when I hop on the elliptical, bike or treadmill. I will set the cardio equipment to stop at a certain time. That’s my goal. I try to get there. Sometimes it’s harder than other times.

Sometimes, I do a quick start on the equipment. Instead of setting a time, I just start. I do kind of set a goal in my mind. Kind of. Let’s go for, hmmm, maybe 30 minutes. But then when I get close to that loose goal, I notice that I’m not far off from pedaling¬†10 miles (for example).

So, I say to myself: “Just one more mile (or whatever) and I’ll get to that milestone.”

Once I get there I, I set another goal. “Oh, I’m close to 40 minutes. I can get there.”

I’ve successfully used this technique running outside and at the gym.

It might worth giving a try …

Let me know how it went if you do. Tweet me at @ctrappe.