Getting to work: Pilot lands plane on Day 1 on the job!

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You may have seen my post about flying from Mason City to Minneapolis on a small regional aircraft in 2018 here. Of course there were more stories on the return flight. First of, let me share what I didn’t like about flying back from Minneapolis: Air Choice One does not participate in TSA Pre-check so I waited in line for 30 some minutes. Whoa. But other than that the return was nice!

I did like the downtime at the gate to get some work done, respond to messages and more. Once on board, I could work some more and even enjoyed the flight. We were taxiing to a farther away runway at MSP as well and it was fun to see all the larger planes taxi by and even land right in front of us:

As we were circling Mason City Airport, , which is pictured here, toward the end of our 50-minute flight, I noticed that the first officer, who looked younger, was going to land us.

I shouldn’t even guess how old people are and I won’t. It’s too hard. When I’m driving Uber/Lyft here and there, I’m not supposed to give rides to people under 18. But how I do I know? Once, I’ve asked a 21-year-old if she was old enough to call an Uber. Whoops.

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So he was going to land. Not a biggie. That’s what pilots do!

Once we landed, the captain turned around and let his four passengers know that it was the first officer’s first day with the company today and this was his first landing. #boom

One person applauded

Another mentioned that that’s great to hear and “sorry that I slept through the landing.”

I thought I’d should blog about it!

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So what’s the morale of the story here? First day with a new company or not, you have to perform. Now. Not in 3 months or 6 months or whatever arbitrary number of months somebody has come up with. “Oh yes, new people have to get used to the ways of a company.”

That may be true for some professions, but is not for content marketing, journalism and thankfully so pilots. Could you imagine if pilots would need 6 months to get used to landing a new company’s planes. Crazy. Go land the plane. We’ll applaud and share your story as a good example of how it should be done.

The same goes for writers. Writing is writing is writing. Not all types of writing are the same and I’m the first to admit that technical writing, copy writing and blogging (which as you know I’m a huge fan of) are all different disciplines of the same skill. But your skill – the one a company hired you for – can be used right away. And it should be used well. No time to wait, really?

Writers and content marketers don’t need months to catch up. In fact, they don’t get months. Neither do pilots. Go and perform. Rock it. Share stories that matter. Land the plane.

You get my point. The only way to success in content marketing is to start now, don’t stop, but re-evaluate and adjust constantly.

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