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That’s a picture of my 2018 travel above and this is 2019 booked as of September 2018:

As you can see I travel a lot and often redeem miles for business to Europe, for my family in North America and enhance our experience.

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In 2018, I redeemed around $70,000 worth of miles to enhance my travels. And the year isn’t over.

I also find deals. For example:

Latest way I can save $400 on air fare: Book a multi city hop.

Rachel and I are looking to go to Niagara Falls to use one of the vouchers we received for our cancelled Boston trip. I already used mine. Surprise! LOL.

Direct round trip: $1,080.

Multi city hop through Charlotte with a longer layover (time for global entry interview maybe) and then the flight to Toronto and return “direct” to Cedar Rapids via Chicago: $680.

Saved: $400

So anyone can do that on Google Flights. Then minus her voucher and the flights cost us $380 for two.

Need help with traveling cheaper?

I now offer 45-minute consulting calls for $50.

You can pay here via PayPal and we can get it setup.

Not quite ready to book time yet? Email me here with questions.


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