Future of content creation: Editing video, designing through voice commands

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I attended Adobe Summit 2018 in Las Vegas as Adobe’s guest. Nonetheless this is my opinion and not approved (or disapproved) by Adobe before it was published.


Scott Prevost, VP, Engineering, Search, at Adobe was running a live product demo in front of 10,000 or so at Adobe Summit and said that he would give a voice command to the program to do something. Whoa! Love!

Scott Prevost VP, Engineering, Search

Anything voice and (insert content marketing strategy) is of interest to me. How can voice commands in content creation be a game changer? Here’s how:

I already voice dictate to transcription most of my blog posts and have done that for years. It has helped me crank out content so much faster than I’ve ever been able to before. I can easily voice dictate a 500-word post in 20 minutes or 900 in 60. As long as I know what I have to say about an topic, of course. ?

So I was thinking how else might this technology be used:


Imagine if I have no clue how to use Photoshop – which is the truth – but I know what I’m trying to do. I’ll just talk to my computer running Photoshop and tell it what to do.

I assume it will be a while before I would get away with saying “make it pop” or “make it prettier” – phrases designers hear from time to time. Unfortunately – because they don’t give much direction. But what if I can say:

  • I want to create an infographic
  • Upload the facts which are called (insert name)
  • Rearrange them in this order

  • Increase font slight so this is viewable on mobile
  • Run brand check and verify that correct colors and fonts are being used

Video editing

I was shooting a bunch of video at Adobe Summit and shipped it back to my awesome editor in Cedar Rapids. You can watch one of those videos here.

If voice commands are used in editing, what if you end up editing like this with your voice:

  • Start with standard opening
  • Decrease volume of background music to 25 percent
  • Fade to raw clip 0045 at the 0:02 mark and stay with it until 0:07
  • Voice over clip 0088 to be added at 0:05 of 0045
  • Then cut to stand up.

You get the idea. Of course, the next step (maybe it should be the first step? ??) would be to offer this functionality on mobile.

Could you imagine if I could easily edit video through voice commands on my phone? Game changer!

Will this innovation cost jobs?

All kinds of things cost jobs. Declining revenues, changing business needs and of course innovation in technologies. That’s not new and not the fault of the internet. Also, these things can create new jobs! Let’s grow together, content creators!

Of course, people doing voice commands in an open office environment might not work anyway. Thanks to Robert Weller for reminding me of this potential barrier.

So there’s another reason for open offices maybe not being perfect for all future workplaces.

Jason Goldberg, Senior Vice President at SapientRazorfish, put it this way to me when we were chatting in Las Vegas in 2018:

“There’s always going to be room for creative talent, but if your main differentiator is knowing how to push the buttons, that skill is going to be less valuable over time”

Of course, making stories sing ? through design or video always will take creative talent.

In addition to needing talent to strategize and create some pieces we also need oversight. Technology isn’t perfect, so somebody needs to still supervise it.

One of my latest examples of helpful but not perfect technology happened on a roundtrip by airplane. I had a booked and paid first class ticket and was trying to move to an earlier flight. As an executive platinum American Airline flyer I often use this service since it’s free to me no matter the class I fly.

I was showing No. 1 on the standby list so that means I’d get the first seat if there is one in first class.

Wrong, told the agent at the airport. Good thing I checked in with her.

She explained that under the current codes in the system they would clear upgrades first and then clear me into an open economy seat. Ugh. ?‍♂️

She changed it quickly and put me in the true No. 1 spot. I was now being cleared for the flight and in first class before they’d upgrade economy flyers into first. Human intervention was still needed!

Certainly, at some point technology will get better and better but that will likely be a while.

We still need creative talent and they can use technology to create even better experiences. Adobe calls them Experience Makers!