For tired marketers: How I now maximize my coffee consumption

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Marketing and change management are tiring activities. And so is organizational storytelling.

So chances are you are tired. You likely are reading this tired. I’m yawning actually.

Anyway, we have to get work done and coffee helps. But buying it daily at a coffee shop or Dunkin’ Donuts gets expensive. That’s an easy $700 a year. More if you buy a pastry!

It’s much cheaper to make it at home. So I was super excited when my father in law got me this 2,552 2.5 pound bag of Dunkin coffee:

The bag said I could either make hot coffee or iced coffee.

I have been drinking hot coffee for years and really only tried iced coffee a few times.

Iced coffee is when you make the coffee normally – so hot – and then pour it over ice cubes. Make sure you have enough ice. Lukewarm iced coffee is the worst.

Cold brew, by the way, is iced coffee that sat over night. Aka: Yesterday’s iced coffee. Some people like it.

So in the morning, I make a pot of coffee and it was super cold on my way back from the gym or I had to snowblow I may have some hot coffee first.

Then I’ll move to iced coffee which I drink out of blender bottles with lids:

Depending how much coffee is left I sometimes will end up with 2-3 bottles to take with me for my day ahead. Sipping them that can take me until noon to get through.

(I get the ice from the ice maker build into my fridge.)

So you can see – tired me has a steady stream of coffee for the morning. I don’t store it in the fridge or anywhere other than on a shelf in my office.

And if I still can’t stay awake no amount of coffee will probably help me. Get some more sleep! ?

So that’s something new I learned. I don’t add anything to the iced coffee so according to Dunkin’ it has 0 calories. No diet infractions here!

Marketing and change management probably have never been harder and moving at a faster rate. And while this won’t help you turn into a marketing unicorn ? at least it will help us stay awake.