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Christoph Trappe’s 2015 Florida Social Conference Presentation

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Here are the slides from my 2015 Florida Social Conference talk on link dumping on social media:


Feedback emailed by one of the attendees:

I strongly recommend Mr. Trappe’s presentation on Social Media and Blogging: How to Stop The Link Dumping Madness and Build and Audience.

I had the privilege of hearing Mr. Trappe speak about this and found it extremely helpful since I am currently wanting to start my own fashion blog as well as improve my activity on my social media sites.

I learned so much about things I have not been doing right like not posting often, losing fans or followers’ interest, and not keeping my pages updated as I should be.

I learned that posts must be consistent and engaging, most importantly they must be relevant topics that people will be interested to hear or read. I also didn’t realize how often I would have to post on Instagram or Facebook until Mr. Trappe mentioned there should be at least four posts a day on Facebook and 4-6 on Instagram. Before this presentation I did not pay attention to the detail and the work that has to be constantly done to reach the goals Id like to achieve with my media sites. After hearing Christoph Trappe speak I am now ready to improve the way I use social media and excited to soon begin my blog! – Valery Lillo

Some of the feedback received from the session’s attendees on Twitter:

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