[FITNESS BLOG]Where to run while visiting Des Moines 

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As mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve found it can be hard to figure out where to go on a run while traveling. So, I like to share where I’ve run while on the road. Today’s city: Des Moines, Iowa. 

Gray’s Lake Park has a fantastic trail that leads around the lake and one lap is around 2 miles. That’s good to now, of course, so we can figure out how many laps we might want to run based on our goal mileage that day. 

The scenery is beautiful and the trail appears wide enough to me to allow plenty of room for runners and walkers going both ways.

I also like that I can take a lap versus doing an out and back. It just makes for a more enjoyable run in my opinion. The park has also plenty of bathrooms along the trail. And there are water fountains along the trail and the water was cold – even on a hot summer day. 

I visited in the summer when the weather was nice and all parking spots were filled. Not sure if the park gets cleaned well enough for winter running. 

Overall, I’d recommend the park for a run or walk. Boat rental is also available.

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