Fitness Blog: Travel days make good off days from the gym

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

 view from airplane I travel quite a by and it’s one of my declared goals to make the biggest impact on true authentic storytelling around the globe. With that comes travel.

Another one of my stated goals is to be healthy and get regular workouts in. Sometimes that’s a run and sometimes it’s hitting the weights at the gym. Both of those can be hard to do while also in pursuit of my storytelling goal.

It’s totally possible to workout while on the road and I’ve blogged about that before. 

Another option is to use travel days as forced off days from the gym. That might not be a very good option when trips are days at a time.

For example, I’m speaking at a conference in Mumbai later in 2015 and that’s basically an eight-day trip. I certainly shouldn’t be taking that many off days in a row. Not that I would want to anyway. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get some workouts in while there.

On the flip side, I also do a lot of in-and-out trips. I’m speaking at conferences in Toronto and New Orleans in October 2015. For both trips, I’m flying out in the morning, speak at the conference, and then take an evening flight home. An easy gym off day. Since it’s a super long day I might even take the following day as an off day from the gym.

Plus, even on off days we can still get a short workout by walking (or running) through airports to catch a connecting flight. Speaking to hundreds of people is also surprisingly strenuous. 

One word of caution: Watching calories while traveling can be hard and restaurant meals for the most part will add them up quickly.

Since I love both of those goals it’s easy to incorporate them with each other and make them work together.