FITNESS BLOG: How to actually get to 10,000 steps in a day 

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

My perception poll (ha!) found that I see more people with fitness trackers around their wrists than watches.

But seriously, fitness trackers are all the rage. I’ve had a few. I first started with the Jawbone, which kept breaking. I then used the latest iPhone, which seemed fancy that it could do that, but I always had to carry it in my pocket. And we know about iPhone battery life.

I’m now using the Fitbit Surge, which is kind of like a mix between a “traditional” Fitbit and an Apple Watch. I really like it. It’s kind of addicting to see how many steps I have left to that 10,000 goal that somebody somewhere said we all should get to.

And I have reached it. The Fitbit buzzes me when I do. I usually think I have an incoming call or text – which are other times when it does that.

Here’s the thing with those 10,000 steps: it’s nearly impossible to get to them without going to the gym or on an actual walk.

Going to the bathroom more often won’t get me there. Getting up more and walking 5-32 steps to other people around the office neither.

So, how do I get to the 10,000 steps? Usually only when I go to the gym and run or walk on the treadmill or do some other type of cardio exercise. To get to 10,000 is really a deliberate process. It’s not that easy.

Lifting weights helps some but there’s not that much walking around in-between sets for me.

In the summer, walking meetings outside might help. But hey, I live in Iowa and you know about our winters – cold and snowy.

So for now my tracker will remind me that to reach my goals I still need to go to the gym, which I love anyway.

I would recommend getting a Surge to anyone looking to be healthier but remember that the steps won’t appear magically. You still have to take them. One step at a time.