[FITNESS BLOG] How I plan to lose weight over Thanksgiving

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Weight  is one thing I struggle with. It went way up a few years ago, then went way down and then kept going up and down and up and down. It’s like a never ending battle.

It’s extremely hard to actually eat the right amount of calories with the size of portions being served in the United States, especially over the holidays. The other day I ate a little bity sandwich that ended up being 1,300 calories and just for context I’m allowed to eat about 2,300 calories per day. It wasn’t even filling.

So with Thanksgiving coming up this week in the United States I’m actually heading to Europe where they don’t celebrate this food-filled holiday.

Now, I’m sure I’ll miss my family and the activities but it’s also a nice way to get my weight back under control. And looking back at my daily weight journal it looks like I also started losing a bunch of weight last year around Thanksgiving.

Weight-loss over time
This year, I’m heading out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and flying into Barcelona where I’m spending a couple days before heading to Düsseldorf, Germany, to see family and speak at one event. Then back to Barcelona to speak at two conferences and then back to the United States.

So I’ll miss the Thanksgiving meals being held back home and also don’t have to miss any work with United States-based clients because they’re all enjoying the holiday. So traveling during an American holiday week has multiple advantages.

I’ll still enjoy some good Spanish and German food but my goal is to get that upward weight trend going downward again. And what a great time to do that.

This is also one reason why I track my weight because then I can actually look back and see the historical perspective. Yes, it goes up and down but I still need to be aware of how to keep it in a good range. Here’s a look at the lifetime of my weight loss while  using the MyFitnessPal app.

I love my family and years ago skipping such an event would have potentially been in no no, but looking at the whole situation it’s actually a great opportunity on the fitness and also the professional storytelling front.

Some of what has worked for me to lose weight:

  • Track all calories

  • Don’t eat out of boredom
  • No snacks after dinner
  • At restaurants – never finish everything. Put half immediately aside
  • At restaurants – order a small appetizer for your meal
  • At restaurants – think of it as a social event and not an eating event
  • Skip dessert
  • I love beers but don’t drink the day’s calories in booze
  • Exercise – it gives you more calories for the day and feels great

Here’s to a great holiday season and a great journey to a healthier and more successful tomorrow.