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Family Support Helps with Healthy Diets

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Family support can be a crucial piece of any diet. If family members aren’t aware of your diet, they may undermine it – probably accidentally. Family support can help make your diet successful.

My wife and daughter aren’t necessarily on the same diet I’m on at any given time, but they know what I’m focusing on in my diet. They support me.

This often plays out in the form of treats. They like to eat an occasional bowl of ice cream. And that’s fine. But when they buy Neapolitan ice cream, I will certainly get a sweet tooth at some point and have a bowl … or two or three. I love that kind of ice cream.

Family support helps with diet - I don't like mint ice creamBut when they buy ice cream that I don’t like, or better yet, hate, my diet becomes a lot easier. For example, both of them like mint ice cream. I can’t stand it. I actually think it’s kind of gross. Even if they eat it while sitting near me on the couch, I won’t be tempted.

See, it’s a win-win. They can still have their ice cream. I won’t touch it. More for them. And my diet remains intact.

Family support also includes not offering somebody else’s “leftovers.” For example, my daughter eats lunchables – a prepackaged lunch – that includes a square of cheese. She doesn’t like the cheese and used to offer it to me. I love it, but it’s 100 or so calories that I wasn’t planning on. She now offers it to the dog instead. Even my six-year-old offers family support!

And when I forget that I appreciate this family support, it’s also good to get a friendly reminder:

“How come there’s nothing sweet to eat in the house?” I asked.

“Because you told me not to buy any,” my wife answered.

“Oh yes. Thank you for doing that.”

Having family support makes diets easier … and not having support might make them nearly impossible.

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