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Click here for some FacebookingFacebooking is a term used for  a couple of different tasks on Facebook, the social media network, which was very popular in 2014 and launched in 2004 and allows people to connect with friends all over the globe to share photos, news and chat.

Facebooking – or “I’ll Facebook you” for example – is a term used to refer to the activity of  private messaging between two users of Facebook. Facebook allows users on its desktop version and inside mobile apps to exchange private messages.

Until 2014, Facebook users could also email other Facebook users by using their These messages would show up in the same area on Facebook where private messages show. Facebook discontinued the email feature as hardly any users were using it. Many users are, however, Facebooking each other. Facebook even has a separate app for smartphones that is only used for Facebooking.

The second meaning of Facebooking simply refers to people logging on and using Facebook. This would include all activities on Facebook, including posting updates, looking at photos and finding new friends.

From a storyteller’s perspective, Facebooking is a powerful tool to connect with people either publicly and also through private messages.

In the days of Eastern Iowa News, a community news site that we ran in 2009 and that saw more than 100,000 visitors stop by, we found community news while Facebooking (using Facebook) all the time. Somebody would post an interesting photo, we would ask if we could publish on on the site – usually by Facebooking them (messaging).

We also covered the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, a local minor league hockey team. One time, the starting goalie had an injury. We interviewed him via Facebooking (through private messages). The interview even happened while a game was going on. But he was at home due to the injury.

The lesson for storytellers is that Facebook has its place in authentic storytelling. We can run across many stories whether it’s through the public feeds or the private messages.