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May 2017 update: 

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from people who cannot update Facebook places pages. Typically what the problem appears to be is that they’re trying to do it from mobile devices. Some updates can only be done from a desktop browser. So if you can’t make an update to a page that you are an administrator to  try  making the change from a desktop computer.

I’m somewhat surprised that this is still a workflow necessity  in 2017 given that many of us use mobile devices for everything.

ALSO: Every time I check into a place on Facebook, even when I’m not an administrator-just a visitor, it asks me questions about opening hours, ZIP codes and other related items. If I know the answer I click yes or no depending on what the answer is and if I don’t know the answer I click skip.

Facebook then accepts or declines my answer.

Original 2014 post:

I'm on FacebookFacebook allows its users to check into places that they are near to. On Facebook, these places are called Facebook Places.

If a place does not yet exist on the social network, people can manually add it. Once added, any user can update and edit the place inside Facebook Places. One item to note: The edit won’t go live until other Facebook Places editors vote for it. Once enough people have confirmed that the change is correct, it will go live to the wider audience.

How do you edit Facebook Places? Find a post where somebody has checked into the place. Here’s how this looked on somebody’s wall in May 2014.

Facebook Places - the place on somebody's wall

Click on the place. In this case that would be “MedTouch Cedar Rapids.” You’ll get a screen that allows you to make your necessary updates. For example, if an address is wrong or the business – if it’s a business – is classified in the wrong category.

Once you made the updates you can save them. They ‘ll go into a queue for other editors to review and give them a thumbs up or disagree with the updates’ accuracy.

Facebook Places - feedback on updates


Clicking on “Places Editor” allows you to join the process and review other people’s updates.

Facebook Places editor - reviewing other people's updates

Storytellers can use this feature to check in during the content creation process. While out on an interview, check in and share a tidbit of what was just learned during the interview. Remember not to share confidential information.

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