Facebook kills post scheduling without warning – Another reason you must move faster!

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I’ve been auto scheduling posts to my Facebook profile via Hootsuite for a few weeks. It seemed to help with my communications and business goals.


    That spread posts out some.
    It kept my updates moving along.

Then on Aug. 1, 2018, Facebook killed all third-party scheduling. More from Hootsuite here. A fellow content marketer told me about this maybe two days ago, but two days isn’t much of a warning either.

Social media purists and people who can’t get social media to work for business will say this is good.

But it’s not. It helped from a business perspective. I stayed top of mind, it was easy, etc.

Facebook is recommending that you can just use a page for updates and that scheduling apparently still works, but with the ongoing Facebook monetization algorithm updates Facebook page posts aren’t seen by many – unless you pay Facebook for a wider distribution.

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LinkedIn and Twitter still allow third-party scheduling. Thank you.

This is also a reminder that if you think you have the luxury of time to implement – you don’t!

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I was sharing this tactic with somebody as recently as four weeks ago. They were going to think about how to add it into their strategy. If they didn’t start it’s now a moot point. Facebook killed it. Implementation probably needs to run parallel to planning.

I’ve said before that Facebook is a waste of time for content publishers but this was a bright spot.

Now, it’s gone and we need to look for the next wave to ride.

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