Facebook ads: The easiest way to set your CTA to be “send a message in Messenger”

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I’m currently running a campaign to offer companies help with their podcast programs. (Contact me here to chat.)

Podcasts are a bit of a passion project and even have their own chapter in my third book on Content Performance Culture.

Testing ads and new ways to interact with prospects and audience members is usually a good strategy. So let’s try Facebook ads – with a new call to action.

I posted the following organic post on my Facebook page:

Once it’s live you simply click boost post to pick your audience, call to action and budget to get it in front of more people.

The right CTA is Get More Messages here.

Then edit the welcome message once people click.

I set mine to include my Calendly link to allow people to schedule time with me.

As I mentioned in my Periscope on the topic, I could also just have linked the ad to the Calendly but then I wouldn’t get the opportunity to respond.

There’s also a function that allows you to add additional questions for one-click answers. 

For this campaign I’m not using that function and simply turned it off.

How to see messages sent to a Facebook page?

That took me a bit to figure out. Where do I see responses? It wasn’t obvious.

One way is to use the Facebook Pages app. Make sure you turn notifications on. Click on the icon at the bottom that has all the notifications showing. 

Facebook also shows notifications in the consumer app-which in this case I find somewhat convenient. I can find that function annoying when I manage 10 to 15 pages at once. Of course it also gives me an opportunity to respond quicker.

Here’s an example screenshot from when According to Fred podcast host Fred Faulkner tested this for me.

It also appears that the message call to action button remains with the organic post. I don’t know if it stays with it forever and ever but if you like that button and don’t see the option of using it organically you could simply put minimal dollars behind a small campaign to get it for your organic post.

I just started running the campaign so I haven’t seen results yet but this is how you add the send a message button to your Facebook ad.