Exercise tips for the traveling gym rat

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Exercising while traveling can be tricky.

Taking the stairs while traveling burns calories.
Taking the stairs while traveling burns calories.

For once, hotel gyms aren’t necessarily what we are used to at home. But somebody once said: “If you don’t like the hotel gym book a hotel with a better gym.”

Exactly. So I don’t complain about hotel gyms. I either pick a hotel with a good gym or plan on exercising without the gym.

Options to exercise without a gym include doing one of the dozen or so body weight-only exercises in the Fitness Buddy App.

Taking the stairs in your hotel also helps burn calories while traveling. Surely, there are times when taking the stairs is not possible. For example, when you are carrying your luggage. But you might also decide to take the opportunity and take the stairs while carrying your luggage. That would probably be a good workout.

Walking places helps. Going to lunch or dinner? How far away is the restaurant? 10 minutes? The weather is nice? Why not walk? Enjoy the exercise and opportunity for conversation. Walking meetings get the blood flowing and great discussions can happen. One drawback to walking meetings: It’s hard to take notes!

Going on a run while traveling is also rewarding. Yes, it can be hard to run in unfamiliar places, but when you can find a nearby trail this is an easy way to get a workout in. Don’t forget to pack your running shoes!

Sometimes the easiest solution is to take the travel days as off days from exercising. When you are booked solid it’s easy to not have time to workout. Take the opportunity to take one or two days off and hit the gym extra hard when you return home. I would obviously only suggest this for short one to two day trips.

Working out while traveling is possible. But sometimes we have to be creative, plan and commit to getting some kind of workout in!