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Even WordPress isn’t free – you pay with your time!

Christoph Trappe

October 13, 2015


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Hardly anything is free. And when we don’t pay with money, we pay with our data. time or something else.

1000px-Facebook_Logo_Mini.svgFacebook, for example, is free for consumers, but we are basically paying with our data. Facebook knows so much about us that it can charge businesses to advertise to us based on our interests. Our payment is basically access to our data and knowledge about us.

WordPress is also free to install and there are many templates and plugins out there that will help us get our blog up in no time.

A WordPress installation literally takes minutes – under 5 for sure. Once we are done with that, we can spend the next few hours browsing the free and premium templates to find something that is just right for our new site. Of course, the only way to actually get a website look that is exactly right (aka that is exactly how we want it) for our site is to design a site from scratch.

That would cost money, so instead many spend a few hours looking through the free templates. Once we’ve taken a few for test drives (aka installed them) we finally settle on one and move on to plugins. That takes another little while and we haven’t even started writing, yet.

As you can see, even the free tools have a cost. Sometimes it’s data. Sometimes it’s our time. Sometimes it’s something else that isn’t totally apparent right now.

And for some tools and services we pay with money.

It’s certainly something to balance and to consider: How much are we willing to pay – no matter the currency?

Christoph Trappe

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I'm Christoph Trappe and I'm the Vice President of Content Marketing Strategy, Americas, at ScribbleLive, which is based in Toronto and is a global content marketing software company. Before I started at ScribbleLive I was VP of Content Marketing and Conversion at MedTouch, a Boston-based company that helps healthcare organizations with digital marketing. I've written two books, speak at conferences around the globe and blog frequently on here. I love sharing my stories and helping organizations share theirs. If you need help, just visit the Contact Me page in the navigation and drop me a note. I'm always happy to chat! Thanks for reading! - Christoph 319-389-9853

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