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How to easily import WordPress posts from one blog to another

Christoph Trappe

February 28, 2015


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Responsive themes in WordPressImporting and exporting WordPress blog posts from one blog site to another is fairly easy, but there are some things to remember while going through the process.

I used to run three blogs:

As fun as the first one was, I decided to stop blogging there. Many posts can still be found here. There’s only so much time and I decided to cut this one.

The fitness blog was also fun and I want to keep it going, but perhaps not with weekly posts, which I believe should be the minimum posting frequency for just about any blog. So instead of committing to that I decided to fold it into this blog. Most stories do fit here.

Before I tell you the technical things, here are some other steps to consider first:

  • If you are using Jetpack – and I think you should – make sure that your eNewsletter and social media push functions are turned off before you start any import. I forgot to do this until after the import was running and my eNewsletter subscribers were getting a few dozen emails. Whoops. Sorry.
  • Make sure you know where the posts will import to before you start. For example, I wanted to integrate the fitness blog into this site, but I don’t want its posts to show up on the homepage. So I set up its own category and excluded that category from the homepage feed.
  • Think through all steps before pushing buttons. Perhaps talk through them with somebody else who knows WordPress.

I downloaded the following two plugins to get going:

  • WP Exclude from Homepage – This allows me to specify a  category that shouldn’t be shown on the homepage. In this case that’s “My Fitness Tips.” Don’t forget to create the category before trying to exclude it through this plugin.
  • I then installed the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin (on this site and the old fitness blog site.)

import WordPress

To download plugins, click on Plugins from your WordPress dashboard, click ADD NEW and search for the names listed here. Then directly install from there.

The export was simple. Basically you keep clicking Next from within the plugin’s dashboard and it walks you through the process. It then downloads all the posts (and pages – if you specified the pages) in a document to your computer. Just make sure you know where the downloaded file saved.

Then go to the site you want to import the articles into. To make sure they all go to the right category I set my default category to “My Fitness Tips” like this:

  • Go to your site’s dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Reading
  • Change the default category to whatever category you want to send the imported posts to. (Make sure to change this back once the import is complete.)

Then go the Importer plugin’s dashboard area. From there it walks you through the process of importing the file.

It should take just a few moments for the process to finish.

What about your old site?

  • You can publish a quick post to let people know that the blog has moved. Don’t forget the link. 🙂
  • You can also set up a redirect to the new site.
  • Finally, make sure the old site’s URL does not renew with your registrar. When I move sites I usually let it expire.

That’s it. Easy breezy – for the most part.

Need help with your WordPress site setup or blogging ideas? Drop me a note here.

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life!

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