E-commerce: You don’t have to buy the $46 version of my book

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The New York Times posted this article in summer 2018 that discussed how a used paperback book was listed at $2,600. The actual author was selling it for much cheaper – obviously!

That’s an interesting read on how others try to resell your stuff and make a quick (?) buck.

I suppose it’s not like stealing? They still have to buy their original copies from one of my channels and then sell them at a higher price. So I assume I got the revenue initially from that.

I guess. As long as that’s the case I shouldn’t feel too bad and congratulate them on making an extra buck. Maybe I need to raise my prices.

After reading the Times’ article, I wanted to see how the pricing on my books looks. My customer service book didn’t have any too outrageous resell offers.

It was a different story for my storytelling book.

Current list price on Amazon: $14.99 $13.18

But then a dozen or so others are also offering it for higher prices:

The highest I found was for around $46. Watch my Facebook video scrolling through the prices here.

Assuming that they bought it from me for $14 and are now selling it for $46 that’s quite the markup. Not sure how else they could get it! Maybe they got it for free at a conference I was speaking at.

What’s an author to do?

So that’s interesting, kind of annoying and I have no idea if I lost any money due to this.

At the least, I would recommend that authors: