Pay attention at checkout: Don’t ship your gifts in their original packaging from Amazon

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Not in original packaging
HT to this Amazon delivery person for delivery placement on my porch. Thankfully this was not in original packaging but in an Amazon box.

It’s hard to hide Christmas gifts from Amazon when they arrive at your house in the original packaging.

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Amazon deliveries are in the news every once in a while because well a lot of people order a lot of stuff there and sometimes interesting things happen. For example, when my Amazon order arrived in a Walmart box. Takeaway: Next time just order from Walmart were the same item was cheaper.

Nowadays when kids are learning remote they might be the first at the door when Amazon drops off yet another package.

And there have been plenty of boxes that have arrived at my house in anticipation of the Christmas season. Mostly it has been fine until one of the gifts for the six-year-old arrived in original packaging and of course she wanted to open it immediately. Because now she knew what it was. Nonetheless, it ended up under the Christmas tree for her to open later.

Since she held it with the address label pointing down it was even hard to see that it came through  the mail at all. ??

Gift sent in original packagingIt took me a minute to figure out where it even came from and what it was. But there is a relatively easy fix to avoid this situation. When you check out on Amazon, go to your cart and review the order carefully. Any item that will be sent in original packaging will have a note that looks like this:

Original packaging warningThis is on an item-by-item basis and has to be clicked in the cart as far as I can tell.

Change original packaging orderThis is relatively easy to see and it doesn’t feel like a game of trickery by Amazon. If you want it shipped in an Amazon box they even offer that for free.

Why would items ship in original packaging anyways?

That’s a good question and I’m guessing it has to do with costs. If you ship them in the packaging you already have there is no additional cost for that additional box. For any of the products I sell on Amazon I’ve never gotten that option of shipping without Amazon packaging but I also don’t ship direct and all of my products are produced by Amazon and then shipped by Amazon.

For example, when you order a copy of my book, Amazon prints and ships it. When it comes to any of my custom T-shirts on Amazon it’s the same process. I designed them but when you order them Amazon produces them and ship them as the orders come in.

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This shipping in original packaging situation is also something to remember if you send gifts via Amazon to teammates and clients. Another option is to just send Amazon gift cards which people can then just use for whatever they want.

At the end of the day shipping something in original packaging is easily avoided by paying attention, going to your Amazon cart and requesting items to be shipped in an Amazon box.