I don’t have time to blog. I make time.

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I hear it often from people that they don’t have time to blog.

Really, it’s not about having the time but making the time.

From the technology side of things, it’s easy enough to blog from many places today.

The WordPress mobile app, for example, lets you blog from your mobile device. I use it all the time. I’m writing 10 minutes here and there. Some posts (yup, 300-400 words) can be done in 25 minutes total.

mobile blogging while cuddling with a babyThis is a picture of me typing out a post while cuddling with my five-month-old daughter. Sometimes I paused to look at her. The post was done before she woke up.

It’s possible!

What about typing with one finger?

Sure, it does take some getting used to. But learning and getting used to it is better than moving my daughter and parking myself in front of an actual computer.

What about approval processes?

You mean like somebody has to approve your post since you are blogging for an organization?


Sure, just because posts have to get approved that doesn’t mean they can’t be written anywhere or anytime. Just save them as a draft or if WordPress is completely integrated save them as PENDING APPROVAL so the reviewer knows the post is ready for review.

Blogging is one way for us all to start and continue sharing our authentic stories – personally or organizationally. That’s why I blog and keep talking about it.

Let’s not let relevant stories die the death of going untold.