Our place of work is one piece of what makes us us

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When I attend conferences and meet other people in general (especially if we don’t know each other from Twitter or another social network) the first question often is this:

“Where do you work?”

And I want to respond:

“Why does that matter?”

Of course, I don’t say that because, well, I’m polite. 🙂 Sometimes.

But, seriously: Why does that matter at all?

Before you read too much into this: I love where I work and all the different partners I work with around the globe who want to learn about true authentic storytelling. Love them! Seriously. I don’t mind talking about “work.”

But I’m defined by me, what I do, what I’m passionate about and what I bring to the table. Of course, where we work and with whom are parts of our lives, but they are not all that defines us.

So when people ask me that I now say:

“Do you mean, what do I do?”

They usually say:


“I help brands with content marketing and sharing their authentic stories to build long-term relationships. For the most part, my team and I do that with healthcare brands across the United States, but I also work with other brands around the globe.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too. And what do you do?”

“I work for …”

“And what do you do there?”

Something to ponder as we are continuing our efforts to get into the Participation Age. In the Industrial Age, we were defined by our 8-5 gig. In the Participation Age, we are – or at least should be – defined by our passions, expertise and how we connect with all the different brands, organizations and people that are part of our journey.

I’m going for a fully integrated life here. Not work-life balance, but complete life integration.

Welcome to the Participation Age!