Do podcasts and video get indexed in search?

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The general thought on this has been: No.

Everything that’s been said on videos and in podcasts is not easily searched – i.e. through a search engine. That’s why publishers post:

Of course, there are different audiences, those that:

    listen to shows actively or passively in the background
    watch videos actively or passively in the background
    skim content
    read content

I personally fit into all of these on different occasions. I have my favorite sites, I read and visit for certain types of content certainly. But I also search for information. Of course, when those favorite websites show up in a search I click on them over an unknown site.

Of course, things always evolve. Original images that are tagged well on your website can help with search.

It’s hard to test to see if things said on video are shown in search, but I still tried. Someone had to do it. Let’s look at a few networks.


I searched for my name on YouTube and found a number of hits. Most were from my own channel, but there were also some from other channels of videos that I had produced.

There was hope. Maybe the search was picking up my name when I said it during the video? I click into one, for example this one about a new Hyundai excavator. BUT: The written description had my name. That probably was what the search was picking up. At the best the test was not conclusive but it appears video content may not yet be searchable. Other than the written description and headline.

It’s just a matter of time before all multimedia content – video, audio and who knows what’s next (smell?) will be indexed by search.


Facebook at one point – maybe still today – did automatic video captions. I bet that’s going to be publicly searchable if it’s not yet.

Apple Podcasts (previously known as iTunes)

Apple Podcasts now has rolled out a beta search for all podcast content. Brand new in October 2019!

The alert said you can search for topics or people mentioned in a show. Super cool. I tried to test this, but it’s super hard and I may have to record an episode of my own show that quotes a lot of people. I can then test to see if it shows.

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Everything being indexed and being searchable and findable will likely happen in my lifetime. That’s okay and can be very useful for content consumers.

For content creators, be sure you say things understandably and use the terms that people search for. Keyword research and anticipation is still important in our content creation.

And our podcasts and videos being searchable and findable can be a huge advantage to anyone who produces podcasts.

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