Distribution strategies: This book is only available on podcast channels and here’s why

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Content distribution is an important part of any content strategy. Who cares if I create this awesome piece of content and nobody consumes it?

Is it really a great piece of content then? Maybe or maybe not. Sometimes great content gets lost when the distribution strategy is bad.

Syndication innovation is really a thing. I’ve seen podcasts turned into books. That’s similar to the blog to book strategy.

The latest syndication innovation is coming from Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute which he sold to UBM a few years ago.

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He wrote content marketing books before and now wrote a mystery fiction book and for now you can only listen to it on podcast channels. Get it here.

the will to die audio book

Joe describes his strategy with me in this episode of the business storytelling podcast.

Joe shares with me that he’s looking for new ways to distribute content. With podcasting currently taking off, this certainly is one way to do it.

He shares that he’s testing things and would love to speak about the results later. Of course, he’s also trying to build a following in a new genre.

Now, there are some things to consider when releasing your book on podcast channels:

  • Who should read it out loud. Aka: The narrator.
  • Consider the production platforms. I use Anchor for my podcasts currently. Read more on how to pick a platform here.
  • Think about how to release them. At once or in intervals, for example.
  • Is there bonus content?
  • What’s your goal? If it is to grow an audience or get a message out there this might be the way to go.
  • Keep in mind that some people want printed books. I often include them in my speaking engagements – so if you speak it might not be a bad idea to have printed copies available.
  • Consider branding the speaking copies as “exclusives” for this phase.

Also, podcast distribution can be tricky. The chapters may be in the wrong order, for example. Users can probably figure that out and for a business book that may not be that big of a deal if they are listened to out of order.

I published two books and never even thought about this strategy. Now, with Joe’s guidance I’ve started recording the chapters of my third book on its own podcast channel.


Recording your own book thoughts

What’s interesting to me about recording the book I published 4 years ago?

There are some thoughts that have evolved. I was maybe a bit naive idealistic. When I run into some of those sections I just add some live commentary.

It also reminded me of my high-level strategy and philosophy. Some of it I had forgotten in the whirlwind of the last few years. So it’s good to circle back to it.

I’m learning from my younger self, so to speak. Hey, that’s another reason to blog and write a book maybe.


Joe certainly is a leader in content marketing and syndication and this is another innovative test in my opinion. It certainly fits into the Create Once, Publish Everywhere model and is another new innovative way – like VR video – to get content in front of our audiences.

When we use interesting content to build awareness that can help build a brand up and ultimately drive bottom line results as well.

If Joe can build his brand as a fiction mystery writer he eventually will sell sold copies of his books – even when it’s the second one.