Keeping your diet under control while traveling

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Protein bars are good meals while travelingKeeping your diet under control while traveling can be tough.

One meal at a restaurant can often eat up a big chunk of a day’s calorie allotment. Of course, we can eat off the under 500 calories menu. But depending on where your travels take you that may or may not be an option. National restaurants often list calories in the My Fitness Pal calorie-tracking app. Local restaurants are usually not included. Obviously that can be a problem, because local restaurants are nice to check out while on the road. We can eat at national restaurants at home, ya know.

Of course, everything in moderation does work. But keeping track of calories is still hard while traveling. I’m always amazed when I return home from a multi-day trip and only gained a pound (and sometimes nothing).I then spend the next few days working on losing that pound again.

I do eat out while traveling, but try to control calorie intake. One way of doing that involves protein bars. And yes, I obviously know that Jimmy Fallon has called them candy bars.

But what’s nice about protein bars is that they can be bought at many places now, including gas stations (aka convenience stores) and airport shops like Hudson. Hotel gift shops also often have them.

To save money you could also buy some protein bars at your local grocery store before heading out on your trip. Then restock from those other places when you run out.

One bar – even if it has 380 calories is better for lunch than a 1,200-calorie meal, which would make up more than half of one day’s calorie allowance for me.I truly make the bars meal replacement bars.

I’ve had no issues traveling with a bunch of single protein bars in my carry-on bags while passing through security at airports.

Protein powder is another option to take along. I sometimes take a blender bottle and fill it with some powder that I would then mix up in my hotel room. This is also allowed by airport security and airlines. I did get stopped one time having this in my carry-on, but the search by TSA took about 10 seconds. So no big deal.

Traveling can be good for many reasons – including for business. But let’s not allow a successful business trip ruin a successful diet.

It’s possible to do both at the same time.