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On a trip to Boston to speak about storytelling at the Population Health Forum  I stopped at a Which Wich sandwich shop for lunch. I had never been to one and had no idea how to order nor did I download the app before I arrived.

See, at Which Wich shops you order by filling out one of these bags before you head to the counter: 

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Checking off what you want on the sandwich and then handing the bag to the sandwich maker is easy and could even help us avoid communication problems. 

You can also skip the pencilling by downloading the app and ordering ahead. The app even tells you when to arrive. 

Of course, since I’d never been and am used to just walking up to the counter at sandwich shops that’s exactly what I did. I inadvertently skipped all the correct processes. But when I walked up he didn’t say “please go over there and fill out a bag for your order” or “the app is available in the App Store.” Nope, he pulled out a bag and started filling it in while I gave my order verbally. 

Now, the next time, I’ll be sure to pick one of the actual processes but it was nice to see the helpfulness and willingness to take my order no matter what. It wasn’t about the customer being right. It was about the customer just being where he was. 

The sandwich, which was available in three sizes, was great, by the way. I promptly left a five-star review on Facebook, too.

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Thumbs up to Which Witch for great customer service and a well-integrated online-offline strategy. 

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