[Customer Service] Starbucks had iced coffee because they have coffee and ice cubes

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I went to a Starbucks in downtown Chicago in June and asked for iced coffee. The answer was that they don’t have ice coffee and only have cold brew.

That is actually a big difference as cold brew sits overnight and iced coffee is basically coffee that’s poured over ice cubes.

So it’s really not rocket science. If you have coffee and ice cubes you can serve iced coffee. I do it at home daily.

I make iced coffee at home all the time – to maximize my coffee consumption caffeine intake.

That’s exactly what the Starbucks at the Loews Hotel did near the O’Hare airport.

“One iced coffee please. Large. Do you have that?”

“Of course, the Starbucks employee said.

She grabbed the hot coffee dispenser, filled up a large cup with ice and poured the hot coffee onto it.

While it was so simple, I thought it was great customer service. Especially after another Starbucks didn’t offer that to me. And they certainly sold hot coffee there as well.

That was so customer-focused and was a delighter. Delight customers and they will keep coming back. Well done in this case!