Before and after photos: Don’t forget about the long road in the mirror

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I’m actually very aware of my weight. Even though I’ve lost 100-some pounds since 2007, I still see myself as fat from time to time.  Hey, where did this flap of fat come from? It wasn’t here yesterday. I gain half a pound and I feel bad about myself. I try to not let it slip into an unhealthy state. And yes, I should lose 20 pounds to not be overweight, according to my Body Mass Index rating. But let’s put the worries aside for 10 seconds.

Looking at old and current photos can help keep things in perspective. I was looking through old Facebook photos and ran across this photo below from 2012, which was from a video shoot for United Way. As you can see I’ve come a long way. That’s good to remember.




And check out the blooper cut from the United Way video below. I can barely move:

It’s good to be aware of the calories that I put into my body and it’s good to be reminded of good and bad habits so I can live the healthiest life possible. But sometimes, it’s good to put things into perspective and remember where the journey started.

That doesn’t mean that the journey is over. It’s continuing.