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[CULTURE] Why leaders should never share their authentic story (or opinion) first 

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We all have our own versions of our intertwining stories. And that’s fine and great. Many stories have multiple versions. But we need to remember that the last version we heard of the story that we were participants in  also affects our own version of that same story.

Let’s take a roomful of people that report to one person also in the room. Depending on who speaks first in that conversation, the story discussion can lead into totally different directions. 

Let’s say the leader says “this is the story.” How likely do you think it is that anybody will disagree with them? Probably not very likely, unless the group has a super open and collaborative environment. In most organizations that’s the story and we’re sticking to it-unfortunately. It can be similar with opinions.

So how do we get people to participate in their own stories? One way to go is for leaders to speak last. Don’t share your opinion and let others go first. That can be hard for leaders because after all they are typically leading. But it’s worthwhile to let everybody participate in our shared stories. It opens the floor to other perspectives and allows everyone to actively participate.

Just remember that simply by going first we can shape other people’s willingness to take part. Even if we didn’t mean to hinder the discussion, we may have. 

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