[CULTURE] Why a relaxed dress code in a content marketing environment encourages production 

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I like dressing up – but usually only do it when I’m keynoting, doing a workshop or meeting with clients on-site. 

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In the office, I like to dress a bit more on the casual side and really it helps with production. Content marketing strategy and related tasks like editing, workshop prep and distribution, don’t need me sitting dressed up in front of a computer.

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They just need my brain, experience and ability to see what’s on the screen in front of me.

Of course, I’ve worked in places where I had to dress up – despite never seeing customers or clients locally. Once I got talked to by a newspaper editor for wearing shorts – despite the state troopers telling me it would be best to wear shorts for the day’s assignment.

The importance of this flexibility hit me even more after I had hernia repair surgery in August 2016. I was down for the count and at home for two weekdays. Followed by the weekend, I still felt somewhat shaky on Monday. I could not have gone to work had I been required to wear a suit, which would have been too tight.

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But I wore loose clothes that allowed me to work almost a full day and be able to be productive.

Seems like a solid business reason to me to be flexible. Plus, it makes me as an employee appreciated. Not having to explain life, beg for permission and still participate makes you feel treated like an adult.

Thank you!

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