Consider listening to these podcasts – top podcast recommendations to burn time

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As more and more people are working remote and families are cooped up at home because of school cancellations for weeks at a time many are looking for things to do. Even while working remote some of us need noise. Listening to podcasts even in the background can accomplish that.

Let’s look at the podcasts that you might consider adding to your playlist.

How to listen to podcasts?

There are many apps out there including:

  • Google Podcasts
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Anchor
  • Natively on websites
  • Other

The Google platform is pretty user-friendly and so is Spotify. Apple is definitely the big player in the game as you can see by the metrics of where people listen to my podcast below.

Personally, I prefer the Spotify app as it’s the most user-friendly in my opinion. Whatever app you use is of course a personal choice and you have plenty of options.

How to find podcasts that are of interest specifically to you

The easiest way might just be to go to any of these apps and search for topics that interest you. For example:

  • Comedy
  • Marketing
  • Etc.

Just go to the search bar and try searching for different things. Especially now with podcasts being indexed better this is an option to find something worthwhile to listen to.

Data-driven: Officially my most popular podcasts

Spotify actually lists the podcast I listen to the most and here is that official list based on my listens or downloads.

Measuring my favorite podcasts like that is not far off from the full truth and I listen to these regularly – as the data confirms.  But there are also others that I’m not listening to in the Spotify app. See, way back when I started listening to podcasts I used Apple so I haven’t moved all shows over to Spotify.

More podcasts I recommend

The Wild Business Growth Podcast

Every week, Max Branstetter conducts a fun interview with an innovator. He was on my podcast before as well.

I love Max‘s conversational and fun style. On a recent episode he welcomed his listeners by saying “Hello, weirdos.” ???

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Ad Age Ad Lib

Ad Age publishes interesting conversations with thought leaders in the industry on this show. Even when I don’t know the guests I usually learn something new and typically it’s a fun and interesting conversation.

Listen here. 

WP Coffeetalk

Michelle Ames chats with guests about WordPress topics. The show has Espresso Sponsors and participants talk about their favorite coffee mugs. It carries the coffee theme throughout.

Check it out here. 

Content Marketing Quickie

Every Tuesday, Mike Stiles shares the latest news, research and other commentary surrounding content marketing in this podcast. I also like his sense of humor.


How about learning how to make YouTube videos? Or improving your YouTube strategy. Liron Segev and guests cover that area on the TubeTalk podcast.

Listen here.

Sports podcasts

Many sports seasons have postponed or  canceled the remainder of the season but some sports podcasts continue publishing. That includes those covering the NFL which just entered it’s free agency period. Consider searching on Spotify for your favorite teams and see if you can find something to listen to. I personally follow the Washington Redskins and enjoy the frequent updates from the Redskins Talk podcast crew.

Omnichannel by OmnichannelX

This podcast discusses personalization and how to scale omnichannel strategies.

Omnichannel’s Noz Urbina was previously on my podcast as well.

Podcasts recommended by connections

I also asked my Twitter community if they had any recommendations I should include. Here’s a sampling of what was shared.

WP Water Cooler

Russell Aaron recommended WP Water Cooler – a show that shares WordPress content.

Ten Words

Sheri Hinish, host of the Supply Chain Revolution Podcast, recommended Jeremy Waite’s podcast. Jeremy let us know that a new episode will drop next week.

The Jocko Podcast

Sarah Pressler recommended the Jocko Podcast, which covers management, discipline and leadership topics.

Reply All podcast

Tim Grandjean recommended the reply all podcast, a show about the internet. 

Conan O’Brien

Erin Schroeder recommend Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.


Lisa Bragg hosts this show about being bolder.

TED Talks

John Bennett reminds us that daily podcast versions of TED Talks are being uploaded here.

99 Percent Visible

Angela Bowman recommended a few -including 99 Percent Visible, a design podcast.

Even more

Podcast Advertising Expert Heather Osgood shared her list of podcasts to consider here.

Of course you can always just search and browse recommendations in whatever podcast app you’re using.

Consider these storytelling podcasts

I currently have two podcasts. One is the Business Storytelling Podcast which is updated daily during the week and then I have the Content Performance Culture podcast where you can listen to my latest book.

Usability of podcast apps

Which app you choose to use is a personal choice but I prefer the Spotify app. I also noticed recently that the Apple app has stopped downloading podcasts that I haven’t listened  to in a while. That is a user-friendly feature because it saves space on my phone.

I also noticed that the Spotify app allows easy handover between devices.

It was quite seamless and switched over to another device even mid-sentence.

These are some ideas for podcasts if you prefer to listen to something while working at home – especially during this time of the coronavirus forcing social distancing.


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