[CONTENT MARKETING] What’s the ROI of not trying?

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Sometimes we don’t know if things will work out. Are we about to make the right decision. Why should we change anything at all? Things are going well. They are fine.

Have you seen how often people’s predictions are wrong? All the time! But sometimes people are right. Were they lucky? Maybe? Were they safe? Probably not. Could they have just gone on with their lives the way they were going along? Likely.

We don’t always know if this new content marketing, digital strategy, or whatever new thing you haven’t done before will work. We don’t know if there will be a return on investment.

Sometimes it feels right. Sometimes others are doing it and we think we should try. Will this authentic storytelling cause make me rich and allow me to live on passive income? Who knows, but I certainly packed a lot of buzzwords into that sentence. I do know this: It feels like the right thing to do.

  • It helps me be more real myself. My tweeting, blogging and book-writing is even helping me adjust behaviors and hold myself accountable.
  • It’s helping my communities.
  • It actually does make money. (See the BOOK CHRISTOPH now button on this page? People click that.)
  • It’s fun to think through concepts, problems and come up with new ideas from time to time.

So, will it pay off? It already has. I’m doing something that is meaningful. It’s more than a job or a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a cause. Do we plan on retiring from a cause? Probably not. It might even be a sign of the Participation Age!

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I can’t tell you what the ROI of one authentic Tweet or one behind-the-scenes Instagram photo or even one blog post is. It’s too granular. I can tell you that all together they are all paying off on many fronts. The ROI is that they will help us build our brands, businesses and lives. That’s what authentic storytelling content marketing initiatives do.

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