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Content marketing metrics: How to measure performance in shorter months

Oh no!!! Our digital key performance indicators are way down for February. It’s like we were about three days short of January! LOL. It’s easy to forget that February is a short month. 

I also worked out less and even ate fewer calories than January, but did not lose more weight because of that in February. Of course not. 

It’s still important to look at month-over-month results to see the longer term trends, but it’s also important to remember that February is shorter. 

Unless you do something new that drove additional growth traffic in the shorter time period it likely won’t be a record month. And if you had a record month, keep doing whatever you did to achieve that. 

Some people recommend comparing year-over-year growth and that’s fine for overall but if your strategy has been working last year won’t be a match at all. 

Don’t do this: Happy March. I’m counting the first three days of March as part of February. 

In February 2017  I saw over 34,000 visits on here. That’s way less than December and January, but those months were riding the Instagram Live rollout news and provided information others weren’t providing yet. 

Compared to November, which was previously the best month, it was less but when you add the daily average for two more days, it was just as good. 

Shorter months metrics

And when I compare all of 2017 (just one regular month and one short one so far) the numbers look great, too:

And when I look at all-time month-over-month growth of the blog, that looks like this:

Shorter months metrics  The over-time growth continues. Some dips are expected. I’m a huge fan of checking analytics often and trying new things to keep pushing to reach and exceed key performance indicators. Those do go beyond website traffic, but website traffic and engagement are good indicators for the business KPIs. 

Content marketing is a bit like growth hacking. Always keep testing and trying new things to:

  • Make content better and more unique.
  • Reach more relevant audiences. 

I have a daily goal that I’m trying to reach and when it’s not looking good early on, I’ll see what I can do to improve. That way, many months are moving ahead. 

It works but it’s a daily and ongoing project. Some pieces of content marketing projects can also be put on auto pilot, like when things publish, auto responses on social media messaging and others. But just like airplanes, they don’t take off or land themselves. And somebody has to take over during turbulence or other instances. 

I love love love measuring things and probably am slightly addictive to tracking things that matter to my projects!  But measuring needs context. 

Without context numbers are just stuff. Fitness pictures come to mind. I remember seeing a side-by-side picture the other day of an obvious overweight person. This person started exercising – cardio and lifting – and ended up gaining weight. Two pounds. But the after picture looked fantastic. The weight gain came from the extra muscle, which doesn’t show on the scale, but shows in the picture. 

Measure. Contextualize. Adjust. Grow. Stay relevant. 

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Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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