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[CONTENT CREATION] How many people should own my organization’s editorial calendar?

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I’m a big fan of planning and also of implementing those plans quickly. It’s the only way to know if those plans are worth the paper many still print them on. 

An editorial calendar is a great way to plan and implement content marketing and communications strategies. Of course remember to find a way to publish! 

I use the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin on here and it helps tremendously map out when specific stories should publish and how far I’m planned out. 

Using a calendar and sticking to it is especially important early in an organization’s blogging efforts. Until it becomes a habit (at least weekly is my recommendation) the schedule keeps us on track. 

On this blog – my blog – it’s just me who owns that calendar. There are no committee meetings, story briefings, etc. 

Story happens >>> I document it >>> Shared

But I’m very aware to not share similar stories over and over. 

And this one-person process offers something to larger organizations:

One person should be the main owner of a blog’s editorial calendar.

It helps!

I can already hear the question: “But what if (when?) that person leaves our organization?”

Have a backup or a small team of backups. Also: Create a workplace that high performers don’t want to leave. 

And of course there might be other existing editorial calendars in the organization between marketing, communication, internal communications, public relations and other departments. So we’ll need some coordination between all of them. 

Would it be awesome if one event/story that is worth sharing has different components from all these different departments and all work together? Yup!

Some serious coordination skills are needed!

But let’s stick with the blog editorial calendar as an example. Let’s say you publish once a week so 52 posts a year. Twice weekly posts push that to 104 total yearly posts.

Over time we will end up with a lot of content. I have over 700 posts on this blog alone. It’s virtually impossible for me to remember them all. But since I had my hand in all of them, I have the best chance to remember what has and hasn’t been published.

For example, when I had the idea for this post, I remembered that I had written about editorial calendars before. So I searched some of the keywords of this idea. There was nothing similar, so I decided to go ahead and write it based on the blog’s goals, things I think you might find interesting and something I find interesting as well. 

Sure, anyone can search a blog for related stories, but having one owner helps keep things straight. Depending on what I find here are  my typical options: 

  • The topic already exists. Disregard.
  • The topic already exists but needs to be updated with this new information. 
  • The topic doesn’t exist yet but is already on the calendar  a month  from now.
  • The topic doesn’t exist and is not yet on the schedule.

It really helps to have one person who is the person in the know – especially the bigger a project grows over time. 

That person can even go back and strategically look for older posts that need a refresh (aka an update). I would recommend that especially for older posts that still get a lot of search engine traffic.

Of course, just because one person owns it doesn’t mean they get to be bossy bossy. They still need to collaborate with others. 

Successful organizational storytelling is a team sport. 

The players – frontline staff, marketing and communications teams and even leadership – need to play together to win. Align all goals!

So collaboration – including between owners of different departments and their various calendars is important and essential for an integrated and successful strategy. 

But, please pick one owner. It’ll help make it easier long term and also empowers employees to own something. 

Questions? Or need help maneuver internal politics? Contact me here.


Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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