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How come less food is more expensive?

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When less food is more expensive that might mean that we end up saving dollars but not our waistlines.

15 meals for under $15 - less food is more expensiveI’m pretty sure that this sign means that one meal costs just under $15 and there are 15 meals at that price point and not that you can eat 15 meals total for just $15.

But the fact remains that more food is less expensive than less food.

For just 25 cents more you can add a third of the pop’s size to the “serving.” The serving is in quotation marks because actual/official servings are much much smaller than what we are actually served at most restaurants.

Sometimes when I eat at a restaurant I ask the waitstaff to hold a side or two. Some meals have two sides! I’m usually told that this won’t change the price of the meal.

Yup, I know. But it’s saving me some calories.

Shifting to grocery shopping…

Unhealthier foods can be more expensive than fruits. I once shopped at a D.C. area grocery store when a family was buying boxes of food. The kids asked why they weren’t buying fruit. The woman – I assume the mom – said: “It’s too expensive.”

I do get buying in bulk – also cheaper – to a degree. But now with all this food in the house, it’s so much easier to eat through it quicker.

Prepackaged meals are usually more expensive when compared to us buying the separate pieces of them and cutting them up ourselves.

Eating less calories seems to be coming down to either:

  • Willpower
  • A pocket book that allows us to buy the healthier options
  • A combination of the two first points

I get that being healthy is a lifestyle – however we live is our lifestyle. I won’t even dive into the cost of supplements here.

Wouldn’t it be great if eating healthy, moderate amounts of calories would come at better price?

Save calories and money.

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