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Christoph Trappe (aka The Authentic Storyteller™)  is a career storyteller who has worked as a journalist, a nonprofit executive, and a content marketing strategist and consultant. He is a global keynote speaker, frequent blogger and author. His digital initiatives have been recognized globally. From 2014-2017, he helped hospitals across the United States share their authentic stories.

He’s currently the vice president of content marketing strategy at ScribbleLive, which is a Toronto-based content marketing software company.

What clients say:
“Christoph was a fabulous presenter. He trained both our staff and agencies on storytelling and everyone walked out with some key takeaways to improve their own storytelling. He made it easy to have a conversation and didn’t just stand in front of the group and present. He moved around, engaged people, and made the training interactive. I would definitely recommend Christoph for those wanting to work on their public speaking skills!” – Jenna Walsh, Director of Resource Development, United Way of Siouxland

A sampling of services offered:

  • Content marketing strategy development and workshops
  • Content marketing software
  • Content marketing implementation
  • Social media strategy
  • Change management
  • Organizational storytelling workshops and buy-in workshops

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What clients say:

“Christoph is a multi-talented marketing and social media expert.” – Judy Baldwin

“If you are ever in need of a good brainstorming session, fresh ideas, or simply general knowledge about how to build your brand, Christoph is someone you should talk with.” – Lia Pontarelli

Top twitter accounts to follow for marketingChristoph  is a globally-recognized content marketing expert who frequently speaks at marketing conferences about social media, blogging and results-oriented storytelling strategies. Some of his  awards include:

  • Top 10 content marketers on social media by Klout – 2016
  • 100th Most Influential Marketer (Content Marketing World)
  • 89th Most Influential Content Marketer on Twitter (Axonn Media, London)
  • No. 2 social media blog to follow  by E2M Solutions – 2017
  • No. 5 content marketing expert to follow on Twitter by VEInteractive
  • 2007 one of three Young Iowa Journalists of the Year
  • 2001 to 2005, numerous Iowa Associated Press Managing Editor reporting awards

What clients say:

“Great creativity with content creation and distribution – can find a story and tailor it for a variety of audiences. Stays ahead of the technology curve!” – Emily Muhlbach

top experts in content marketing

Content marketing in healthcare (2014-2017)

In his role as vice president of content marketing + conversion at MedTouch, Christoph led all content marketing, inbound and outbound marketing efforts. His content marketing team handled content writing across all sizes of website projects and advises healthcare brands across the United States on blogging, social media and eNewsletter strategies and how to align those strategies with patient/member/donor acquisition efforts. The team also partnered closely with clients as needed to implement strategies. A key part of the team’s success was its internal engagement with physicians and leaders who actively request their guidance.  The Content Marketing Institute has listed the team as a top global content marketing agency. His Conversion Team leads inbound and outbound marketing efforts in the MedTouch Lead Generation Strategy!


I often hold on-site and virtual trainings and would be happy to help your company, speak at your conference or hold a virtual content marketing training for you.

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