Children in the United States run from schools to practice what to do if an active shooter is inside

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True story! Unfortunately. I give school districts credit for practicing what may happen in the future.

But still…

I cried a little listening to my 10-year-old telling me how they sprinted away from school to practice escaping an active shooter situation. An active shooter situation is when somebody enters a school and just randomly tries to kill people.

Police were blocking the streets to ensure the safety of the students during the drill. I knew the drill was going to happen because the school had emailed me and every other parent to let them know that if we see kids running from the school at a certain time that it was just a drill. Reading that email sent chills down my spine.

I’m not one of those the good old times kind a guy. In fact I’m more often interested in the future than the past but when I was 10 we did not practice running from schools to escape some nutcase shooting at us. We practiced fire drills. And sometimes we ran from school when it was time to go home.

And, as I’ve mentioned on here before I’m not against guns. I own guns, I have a permit for and to carry guns, and I’ve undergone training to handle them. At one point, I even attended an NRA convention as a member.

But, this is just crazy: Our children have to know and practice how to escape from school to save their own lives.

They are told to sprint – aka run for their lives. I suppose that’s better than hunkering down and becoming an easy target.

I also know my tears ? would be very different if there was a school shooting at my kid’s school. I’d love to say that it couldn’t happen here and I hope it doesn’t.

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Of course, that’s always our hope and thought that it can’t happen here or can’t happen to us. Years ago when I worked as a public safety reporter, that was probably the most common quote victims gave me: “we didn’t think this could happen to us.”

Bad things happen to good people all the time. So, unfortunately we might as well practice the scenarios and I appreciate the school district and the Marion Police Department for leading the charge in keeping our children as safe as possible.