Multiple channels of advertising still important

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Over the weekend I signed up to attend Diversity Focus’ Annual Meeting on Thursday. The sticker on the Corridor Business Journal, which arrived at my home on Saturday, prompted me to do this.

Interestingly, this was not the first time that I heard about the event:

  • I saw an invitation through the mail.
  • A volleyball teammate invited me to the event. (He works there.)
  • I saw some Facebook posts about it.
  • There may have been other mentions I don’t specifically recall now.

I pretty much made up my mind when I saw the invitation in the mail. I even told my teammate: “Thanks. I’m planning on attending. I’ll sign up soon.”

Still no action on my part. For another five days. Why? I really want to go. I just didn’t get to it. The mailed invitation ended up in a pile of papers on my desk, where it still is now as I’m writing this. Obviously, I couldn’t sign up while walking through the volleyball court’s sand. I didn’t even have my phone with me. By the time I got home I forgot about it.

When I received the Corridor Business Journal in the mail on Saturday, I had nothing else on my mind. My iPad was nearby. Oh, I should register right now. Done.

The two mediums caught me in the right mindset and at the right time.

Typically, I’m very much digitally leaning in my consumption of many things, including books (Kindle), news (RSS) and music (Pandora One) – but this was a good experience that reinforced to me that many different channels can be important.

Perhaps we should look at them as a total delivery mechanism. Maybe the difficult part is then to figure out where to spend ad dollars.

Peer to peer has no hard cost and may miss the immediate action. But it could pay off long term. Social media also may not cause you to action right now. Finally, print may or may not work on its own.

For me, in this case, the total delivery did the trick.