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Changing language: How do you push “any button” on the Apple Watch during phone calls?

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The language we use can evolve because:

  • People accept and use what used to be wrong. (Singular “their” anyone? Journalists can now use “over” instead of “more than” as another example).
  • Technology evolves and what we just said doesn’t work anymore.

I’ll focus on technology here today, though, I realize point No. 1 would likely draw some traffic since some feel very passionate about those things. Another day maybe.

I remember in the 2000s, when content producers  would write things like this:

With your computer’s mouse click here to do xyz. 

And then Apple invented the iPhone and iPad and we started clicking with our fingers as well. While that writing wasn’t technically wrong, it also didn’t keep that  scenario in mind – mostly because iPads didn’t exist when that sentence was first written.

Something similar – and maybe more important – happened to me after I picked up my first Apple Watch in 2016. As you might be aware, the Apple Watch allows you to basically use your iPhone without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. It’s still a bit limited on all-inclusive functionality but in a nutshell that’s it.

You can answer phone calls directly from the watch, hear the other person thorough the watch’s speaker and reply by talking to your watch. – Sincerely, 007 Trappe.

Not that I get many phone calls, but a business I work with did call me from their automated system. It wasn’t spam and I needed to hear it. And then they said:

Push any button to continue. 

There are no buttons on this thing. Ugh. Voice only. I had no choice but to hang up. That system didn’t work with my new technology.

I did email them to let them know, by the way.

Here’s an affiliate link to buy an Apple Watch on Amazon. That means if you head over there and buy one, I get paid a little. But, I wouldn’t recommend that. Go to an Apple Store to try one on. I love online shopping but am glad I went to a store instead.

As new technology emerges and gets adopted or not it’ll be interesting to see how quickly our processes adjust. I would recommend to move fast – which is the speed of technology innnovation.

In this case, whose mind would that have ever crossed that “pushing buttons” during a phone call would no longer work? But it wasn’t that long ago that this wasn’t a common thing anyway. Remember rotary phones from the 1980s and before?

Things change. Our stories and processes evolve with it. Change is the constant. Let’s roll with it together.


Christoph blogs on The Authentic Storytelling Project and is a globally recognized content marketing expert. The IMA named him Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. He works with healthcare organizations and other brands around the globe.

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