Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Why some articles on the web are just too long

The debate surrounding the length of content online will likely rage on. Shorter, no longer, wait – medium-sized. 🛑 Stop ✋ Please. Create useful content and it won’t make a difference how long your content is. But, Google in late 2017 declared web content under 300 words to be thin. So maybe above 300-word blog […]

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SEO is really hard and here’s what you can do to make it easier!

A look at how how content marketing teams can involve SEO strategists to create better content.

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Putting taglines or scripts in your own words helps authenticity

Using our own words in our own voice helps authenticity. Here's an example: I called customer support to get help with a product I was using (and still use) inside my home. The customer service rep who answered had a sense of humor and definitely did not stick with the company script. Now, that can […]

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How to easily book meetings with people in other time zones

Working with content marketing strategists around the globe also requires me to often set up meetings with people in other times zones. FREE DOWNLOAD: 7 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy Crossing time zones to book meetings, of course, can create confusion. Did they mean in their own time zone or did they mean […]

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How to write a good post-conference blog post (in my opinion)

With conference season in full swing many marketers out there are working on and refining their conference strategies. This could include: Attending Networking Exhibiting Speaking Sponsoring Social media engagement Give aways Blog posts All those tactics – especially when done in concert with each other and other tactics – can bring in leads to a […]

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