Hiring writers: Are content production goals a good idea? Or pay them for performance?

Some companies now want to hire writers and only pay them on performance. Of course that’s not a fair model and we need to keep in mind their time and expertise to write the content. This article dives into how to mend the different opinions and work together.

Everyone will love this article: The case for cutting absolutes from your writing

Estimated read time: 4 minutes Using absolute terms in your headlines is hardly ever good writing. Maybe never. LOL. For example: “Everyone is listening to audiobooks.” While we may have seen an increase in listens it certainly can’t be every single person. I discussed this […]

How to optimize your job description to find that perfect content or marketing candidate

Estimated read time: 6 minutesThere are certain roles on your marketing team that you definitely need even when one person plays more than one role. To find the right candidates can be a challenge. With tens of thousands of jobs published on LinkedIn every couple […]

Basic journalism: How to decide what descriptors to use for people in the news

Estimated read time: 2 minutesAdding descriptive words around the people certainly can help us flush out stories. They are details. Examples: German-born Christoph Trappe Christoph, a father of two Gym rat Christoph Trappe You get the idea. The list can go on and on and […]

Content creation has never been harder and how live video can help increase your Return on Effort

Estimated read time: 4 minutesWay back when when I was worked as a newspaper reporter, writing was relatively easy. We didn’t call it content creation then! 🙂 As long as my writing pleased my boss enough that they didn’t have to listen to 1-5 other […]