Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to write clickworthy – but not clickbaity content

Content creators who produce clickworthy headlines and subject lines toe the line to clickbait but never cross it! Clickbait often makes readers click and then the content doesn’t necessarily hold up what the headline promised. But at least we got you to click. Ha. Of course, a one-time click strategy is not a project for […]

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When is it OK to swear in blog posts and on social media?

A look at whether or not it's okay to swear in blog posts and on social media!

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New communication skill alert: Understanding wrong autocorrects correctly

Christoph Trappe

March 14, 2017


Being able to understand mistyped autocorrects is a new skill.

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Maybe the term “content marketing” needs to go and be changed to … 

Christoph Trappe

March 11, 2017


Content communications OR content connecting OR something else? But let’s back up a bit and let me tell the story from the beginning: The other day I posted to several social media networks that I was quitting content marketing. That of course prompted a number of people to message and text asking if I had […]

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