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How original photos can help you rank higher in Google Image Search 

You have likely heard me debate the topic of whether we should use stock images or authentic and original images. I can be swayed in many debates when a direction that I didn’t think of  can actually benefit the consumer. But I just have never gotten to the point to see the benefit  for when […]

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How to check for broken links on your WordPress website

Having non-working links on your website can negatively impact user experience and even conversions! Nobody wants to end up on pages that don’t exist. In WordPress, checking for broken links is a super easy process that can be automated. But we have to set it up first. For the most part, I deprioritized it and […]

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[CUSTOMER SERVICE] How to add a useful Facebook Messenger bot to your website

This article gives you a step-by-step overview how to add your Facebook Messenger bot to your website, link it correctly to your account and set up automatic messages.

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Things to consider when using WordPress as your website CMS

WordPress is a great content creation tool but also has some drawbacks. This article takes a look at the advantages and disadvantage of using WordPress as your content management system.

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[Mobile blogging] How to improve social sharing from the updated WordPress mobile app after dictating a post 

I blog and post about 80 or 90 percent of all of my blog posts on here from the mobile WordPress app. I’ve done that for years and it actually enables me to blog more. I often voice dictate my posts and sometimes I write them with my thumb while riding a stationary bike at […]

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