Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How technology companies can use content marketing to stand out and grow business 

Technology can be sticky, and once you use a particular technology that mostly works, it can be hard (mentally and practically) to move away from it.  A simple example is WordPress, which I use on this blog. It allows me to easily blog from my phone and desktop. I can easily grow my mailing list […]

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How to make your 404 page in WordPress more fun!


December 22, 2016


404 – or error – pages are where visitors to your website end up when they mistyped the end of the URL, they have an outdated link or the content has moved and isn’t being redirected correctly. Many of them say something like this: Sorry. Nothing here. Click here to go to the home page […]

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These WordPress plugins help me with content creation and blogging


November 23, 2016


WordPress, the blogging platform that I use for this blog, does offer many different plugins. A plugin is basically an add-on that helps me customize my site’s functions without having to do development work. They can usually be installed with  one click. What’s nice about plugins is that they can make many things easier for […]

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WordPress App: How not to accidentally publish posts you meant to schedule

August 2016 update: I have an update to this as I’ve now accidentally published a few more posts.  Here’s what I did: Set the date to publish later  Scheduled it Kept writing, editing, etc. I went back in and added a photo and a link and some more text and clicked update. The update published […]

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What to do with Twitter buttons after Twitter removed share count numbers!

As share counts have disappeared from Twitter buttons across the web in late November 2015, many discussed why this was a good or not so good decision by Twitter. Many good reads and well-thought out opinions out there. That’s all good but what should we do with the Twitter share button on our own site? Some […]

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Even WordPress isn’t free – you pay with your time!


October 13, 2015


Hardly anything is free. And when we don’t pay with money, we pay with our data. time or something else. Facebook, for example, is free for consumers, but we are basically paying with our data. Facebook knows so much about us that it can charge businesses to advertise to us based on our interests. Our […]

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Tools help us share our stories, but they don’t create them for us

Some of my talks in the later part of 2015 have been about tools: At WordCamp Omaha I talked about the wonderful Jetpack plugin and how it makes content distribution so much easier. At SUGCON North America, a Sitecore conference in New Orleans, my talk focused on when to pick Sitecore for your blogging project and […]

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Some words are just too similar

Many mornings I head to the gym long before the rest of the family is out of bed. Sometimes, I talk to my wife before I leave. “Heading to the gym.” “Why?” “Why am I heading to the gym? Because I like to.” “OK. Why?” I think she’s saying “bye.” “Bye.” “Bye.” This could have […]

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Content marketers find a way to publish stories

I use the WP Word Count WordPress on this content marketing blog to see how many words I’ve published. There’s really not much of a practical use for this plugin: I don’t publish more or less after looking at it  – for the most part. Arguably, this blog post came about because I looked at it. […]

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How to grow WordPress email subscribers and publish an email newsletter

Email is not dead. People read their emails, and even when they don’t read all of my blog’s emails, it only gets out of their inbox when they delete it. Email marketing was also expected to be one of the fastest growing content marketing channels. I see great engagement from my email subscriber list and […]

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Why I turned comments on my blog off!

I used to have comments turned on and every once in a while somebody would leave a comment. People might say that they agreed or liked a post. Yes, some of those were spam, too. Some disagreed. Very little real discussion happened in the comments section – even for the articles that had them. My […]

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Authentic stories are about relationships (off and online)


April 5, 2015

Stories, WordPress

Chris Lema, in his keynote at the 2014 Grand Rapids WordCamp, reminds us that life is about relationships and that we don’t let technology get in the way of that. (You can view his presentation below.) “Don’t let technology get in the way of relationships.” – @ctrappe Click To Tweet This is a fascinating topic […]

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Recording and transcribing blog posts with the WordPress app

Sharing our authentic stories through written blog posts can be time-consuming. But there is another way that I recently discovered. Using the WordPress  mobile app on my iPhone I can dictate posts. The post is then transcribed directly into the app. Very cool. There are some downfalls. For example, when I say “quotation mark paragraph […]

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