Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

ZDoggMD: How humor, uniqueness and fun can tell educational stories for millions

Zubin Damania, MD, was a Stanford physician who was following in his dad’s footsteps: Being a doctor in the typical healthcare system. But that wasn’t enough he told the audience at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas in 2016. “I was living somebody else’s story.” So he made changes. Huge ones. For him and […]

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Speaking engagements: Why I always like to check out the venue when nobody is around


October 25, 2016

Stories, Training

When I speak – especially at venues new to me – I always try to see the location where I will be speaking before speaking. Often that’s the night before or earlier that same day before the talk, when there are no attendees or organizers around. It helps me visualize what it looks like, where […]

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KEYNOTE VIDEO: The six steps to tell better stories

I spoke to the Iowa CPA conference in Des Moines in October 2016 and shared these six steps you need to take to share authentic stories to be successful. (I start at 1:18 mins if you want to fast forward to there.) In summary, here are the six steps with short overviews: 1) The decision […]

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[MARKETING] Why we shouldn’t make up quotes for people in our marketing stories

It can seem easier for writers and content creators to write the quotes from “actual people” marketing materials. It’s one way to make sure they stay on message, I suppose.  Marketing materials, of course, can include printed pieces, other offline items and all kinds of digital components, including ads, blogs and eNewsletters. And many marketers […]

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How I used Periscope for a conference talk in Vegas while actually in Iowa


September 20, 2016

Social media, Stories, Training

During this year’s Internet Marketing Association annual meeting in Las Vegas I was slated to speak about live social media video. So doing the talk via Periscope while actually in Iowa wasn’t that inappropriate of an idea. A plan was hatched.  As it was my turn to present, the on-site moderator texted me to go […]

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VIDEO: How to grow your medical community through storytelling and social media


September 2, 2016


The video from my keynote at the medical simulation and training conference in Peoria in 2016 is now live. You can watch it below: 

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Closing keynote at the 2016 Montana Hospital Association conference 


August 11, 2016


I’ll be the closing keynote at this year’s event in Billings. First time to Montana for me and I’m looking forward to discussing content marketing and authentic storytelling with hospitals from around the state.  You can now register here. 

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What I’ve learned from the blog-to-book strategy

Now that my first book is out and available on Amazon, it’s a good time to reflect on what worked well and what I have learned for my next books’ productions. During the summer of 2015, I publicly announced that I was writing that book. Yes, that helped and even though nobody was officially checking in on me […]

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Business travel tip: Don’t forget where you are! Enjoy it at least a bit!


July 18, 2016

Stories, Training

I travel a lot. And I love it. You may say it’s part of my story. Ha. Yes, I miss my family, but we FaceTime and most of my trips are short. Think 1-3 days. Even international trips have typically been under a week. But on all my trips – no matter how short I […]

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Click Asia content strategy webinar: How to find the zone of mutually relevant content 


July 13, 2016


I partnered with Click Asia for this new webinar on July 28. It happened at 4:30 p.m. India time (6 a.m. Chicago time). OVERVIEW Too many are creating content that is self serving, but the trick is to create content and experiences that are mutually beneficial to the consumer and the organization. Consumers should find […]

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VIDEO: Authentic storytelling keynote at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit 2016


June 16, 2016

Health, Training

Here’s the full video of my talk on authentic storytelling at the Cleveland Clinic conference.

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WEBINAR REPLAY: Deriving Value From Instagram [SOCIAL MEDIA]

I participated in a webinar with Curalate, the Internet Marketing Association to discuss how to get the most out of Instagram. Instagram is a great way to share our authentic stories and connect with others  around topics of interest through hashtags. Instagram provides a lot of opportunity for brands that can figure out how to capture […]

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MAY 2016: Join me in Boston for my keynote on authentic storytelling at healthcare conference


April 20, 2016


Join me in Boston on May 20 where I’ll be giving the Friday afternoon keynote at the HIMSS Pop Health Forum 2016. You’ll hear from organizations at the forefront of population health initiatives. The conference runs May 19 and 20. I’m speaking from 1:30-2:10 p.m. on the 20th. My topic: Get Real: Use Authentic Storytelling to Propel […]

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