Why not to waste too much time on getting the perfect 360-degree photo for social media 

Estimated read time: 3 minutesI’ve been uploading 360-degree photos to Facebook and felt good about it. Yes, I can do 360-degree photos with my iPhone. Awesome. Here’s an example of what I called a 360-photo: It didn’t help my alternative fact that Facebook gave me […]

How technology companies can use content marketing to stand out and grow business 

Estimated read time: 3 minutesTechnology can be sticky, and once you use a particular technology that mostly works, it can be hard (mentally and practically) to move away from it.  A simple example is WordPress, which I use on this blog. It allows me to […]

Why did my Amazon order arrive in a Walmart box and why I actually am upset about it now 

Estimated read time: 2 minutesWhen my wife and I shop together, that typically means that she sends me a link to buy something on Amazon. That was also the case with these pull ups that she wanted me to order for our two-year-old. I ordered […]

ZDoggMD: How humor, uniqueness and fun can tell educational stories for millions

Estimated read time: 6 minutesZubin Damania, MD, was a Stanford physician who was following in his dad’s footsteps: Being a doctor in the typical healthcare system. But that wasn’t enough he told the audience at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas in 2016. “I […]