Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

[FITNESS BLOG] Does competition or peer pressure help us be more active?

I like to think I’m in charge of my own life and decisions so without any data my answer would be: No. I don’t need tracked competition to be more active. I got it! #boom After all, I’ve been getting close to 10,000 steps per day, lost 130 pounds in recent years and bulked up […]

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Join me at Next Page Books in Cedar Rapids on July 23


July 8, 2016


Next Page Books, the independent bookstore at 1105 Third St. SE, Cedar Rapids, is celebrating four years on July 23, 2016, and as one of the local authors whose book they carry, they invited me to stop by. I’ll be at the store from 10-11 a.m. that day. I appreciate that Next Page Books has […]

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What value-based healthcare means to me – the patient


June 10, 2016

Health, Strategies

I’ve been reading some pretty interesting books on patient experience and value-based healthcare. In addition, I keynoted at the Population Health Forum in Boston in May 2016 and discussed how storytelling can help people be healthier. Also, in May, I keynoted at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit and was able to catch up with […]

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How to scale content marketing (or any) strategies 

One person presents a new idea, concept or technique to a group of people (dare I say committee members?). Another person – often one with a fancy title – chimes in: “But, but, but how do we scale that?” “Um, I don’t know. I was just coming up with an idea.” And with that the […]

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[STORYTELLING] How to get access to the people with the good stories

It’s virtually impossible to share good and meaningful stories if we don’t have access to the people who lived and participated in those stories. That’s why personal storytelling is so much easier than organizational storytelling. We already have access to the person who lived the story – us. When we work in an organization’s communications […]

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How to take better selfies [SOCIAL MEDIA]

Some selfies are better than others. Leaving aside that some people are better looking than others, all of us can do a few things to make our own selfies look as good as possible.  Here are my top tips that I’ve tested by taking hundreds of selfies:  Find something interesting for a background. Selfie after […]

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Organizational storytelling: Should we check the background of people whose stories we are sharing?

Storytelling strategies can be full of reasons why not to publish something. In fact, if we want to find a reason to not publish a story that can be a super easy task: We don’t have the time. We don’t want to. I’m not a good writer. Somebody, somewhere may potentially be offended by something in the […]

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[Content marketing] What to do when not everyone loves us

Not everyone loves us. I just learned that the other day. Ha. If we share our knowledge, value proposition and authentic stories correctly some people will not love us for it. But others will. It’s a sign of participating correctly and authentically.  Recommended for you:  We are defined by what we constantly talk about  Defining […]

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[EMAIL MARKETING] Picture-only emails aren’t user-friendly, mostly because they might not be readable 

In the last few months or so, I’ve noticed something new in email marketing land: Emails that appear to be blank. Some have even been sent by brands I love, trust and want to read content from. On a mobile device, they look like this:    You can see the outline of an image if […]

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How to decide which online reviews to respond to

Businesses, products, even doctors are reviewed online now. Everyone has license to be a critic is one way to look at it. Another way is that people have the right to participate, share their experiences and help others in our communities make better decisions about those things being reviewed. Of course with people sharing their […]

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[Storytelling] Why it’s harder than it should be to share your story in your own words and voice 

  We all have a voice and can share our own authentic stories. Whether it’s through a podcast, blog post or Periscope, there are plenty of channels to share our stories.  But that doesn’t necessarily make the actual sharing easier. Many people still focus on how they think others think they should sound as opposed to […]

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[CULTURE] When and why it’s important to stop “vetting” stories

This article discusses when stories should be vetted and when we should focus more on production and sharing.

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[EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY] How to get employees to share stories without feeling like braggarts 

Some people don’t share any of their authentic stories – good and bad – and they have reasons for that.  Good stories – they don’t want to come off as bragging about themselves.  Not so good stories – they are embarrassed and don’t want to feel vulnerable publicly.  These are valid reasons and we should […]

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