Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Why content marketing practitioners actually have to specialize to a degree

A look at why well-rounded content marketing practitioners who are experts at everything likely don't exist.

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How to get paid for digital strategy

A look at how digital strategists can actually get paid for their work!

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The latest blogging-related marketing technique: “Reverse content marketing”

Reverse content marketing - a new way to reach out to potential customers. This article looks at how that's done.

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[CONTENT MARKETING] How I learned to love  ❤️ growth hacking

I’m really not a fan of buzzword bingo. So when I first heard the term growth hacking I simply thought “oh great another buzzword that I now have to use.” Or ignore. 🤔😱😩 I’ve thought of myself as a content guy for many years. Even when I worked as a journalist there is a certain […]

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Why to write content adjacent to your sweet spot on your (corporate) blog 

You hear me talk about the importance of being clear about what your content niche is. This is the content that you are an expert in and that you have a defined audience for and that you share on your (company) blog. Everything we produce and then distribute needs to fit into that category. For […]

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#Adobesummit blog: What not to wear in Las Vegas (with picture)

Disclaimer: Adobe invited me to the Adobe Summit North America 2017. This post was not approved by them. They didn’t even get a preview. It’s my opinion and if you agree it’s yours too. 😂🤔 Here’s a fun story that happened to me while at the Adobe Summit North America 2017.  My wardrobe in general […]

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#Adobesummit blog: Answer this: What’s the business purpose of this innovation?

Disclaimer: Adobe invited me to the Adobe Summit North America 2017. This post was not approved by them. They didn’t even get a preview. It’s my opinion and if you agree it’s yours too. 😂🤔 The Adobe Summit 2017 in Las Vegas knew how to throw a party. The production was fantastic and entertaining when […]

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Photo booths at conferences: Participate or not? [BRANDING]

Photo booths are all the rage at conferences now. Wear these silly glasses, throw on a silly scarf thingy and throw your leg up in the air to show you are having fun.  Every once in a while when speaking at a conference the person introducing me will remind people to stop by the photo […]

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How many brands get human to human marketing wrong and how to fix it

Whether you are in B2B or B2C marketing, it's really all H2H or P2P nowadays. You are trying to reach people afterall. This article discusses how to keep the people in mind.

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Why good marketing teams use the 24-hour rule of feedback 

Feedback – even when it stings or is wrong – can be tremendously helpful. We can learn from it and make necessary adjustments. At the least, we get an idea how others perceive us.  But feedback that is about something too long ago is just worthless and it usually only serves one of two intentional […]

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Why the digital gurus are wrong and print is NOT dead!

I love digital storytelling. More so than many of the corresponding offline and print counterparts to digital channels like blogs, social media and news notifications. But, repeat after me: Print is not dead! Here’s an inventory of exhibits: My mailbox. The one outside my house. If direct mail didn’t work at all, how come so […]

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Why data beats preference-based opinion every time in content marketing

Christoph Trappe

January 24, 2017


I don’t mind having and giving my opinion at all. In fact, I do that quite frequently. But opinion without fact or something to back it up is useless most of the time. What makes one opinion right over another? It’s really the facts behind it. Now, of course, there can be different versions of […]

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How to maneuver today’s world of churn

We live in a world of churn today. And we might as well get used to it and make it work for ourselves and our businesses. Because if we don’t understand the realities of churn, it can be quite stressful. OH NO. Another person unsubscribed or unfollowed. That doesn’t feel good. See. Ha. So what […]

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Social media strategy: Purpose without ability won’t get you there either

One of the latest content marketing and social media checklist exercises includes this: What’s your why? Why are you doing or trying to do whatever it is you are trying to do? I do this too – myself and with clients – and it does actually help us figure out why we should advance an organization’s […]

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How many brands get influencer marketing wrong

Influencer marketing can be highly beneficial for all involved: The brand  The influencer  The influencer’s audience  Related: Influencer marketing defined  But it can also backfire and make us look less positive and relevant than was intended.  Here’s how influencer marketing often looks unfortunately:  A brand out of the blue messages an “influencer” and says:  Hi, […]

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What’s with all the links on social media?

Some days I look at my Twitter stream and every single Tweet is asking me to click on a link for more information on whatever topic the Tweet mentioned. Given that stories can be told in Tweets there’s really no need to link all the time. I link on Twitter, too. But not all the time. Twitter […]

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