Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

[Content marketing] What to do when not everyone loves us but why we should still care!

Not everyone loves us. I just learned that the other day. Ha. If we share our knowledge, value proposition and authentic stories correctly some people will not love us for it. But others will. It’s a sign of participating correctly and authentically. Recommended for you:  We are defined by what we constantly talk about  Defining […]

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Why it’s so helpful to know the history before diving into any (content) marketing change management project

Some of us change agents in content marketing and digital transformation, of course, love to jump in and get stuff done. And that is actually needed to a degree but the one thing we don’t want to forget is to learn the history of as many things as possible related to our project. For example, […]

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How to make personalization never creepy and always useful

Personalization is a fantastic way to get people the right content at the right time. That can, of course, also help us as businesses tie them to us as customers. It sounds so simple in theory but it’s really hard in practice and plenty of companies are struggling with doing that exact thing. They spray […]

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Why do great content marketing strategies fail in implementation?

Christoph Trappe

November 11, 2017


That of course is the $1 million question. But seriously: I read and have read a lot of strategic documents that are fantastic content marketing plans. They use all the right words, seemingly correct goals and even mention why something needs to be done. Wow, I think this is a really good plan. So i […]

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PODCAST: The roles in content marketing

This podcast discusses the different roles an organization needs to successfully execute a content marketing strategy. I discuss the roles of project owner, editorial director, content producers and web producers. Audio not playing or can’t listen today? Try the transcript below:  Hi there, Christoph Trappe here with The Authentic Storytelling Project, and today I want to […]

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