Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

TV Interview: What’s Authentic Storytelling and Why Does It Matter?


June 27, 2014


This TV interview explains what authentic storytelling is and how it can help people become and stay relevant.

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PODCAST: It’s OK to share your knowledge publicly online

Many organizations continue to struggle with sharing their knowledge and authentic stories publicly. There are barriers, sure. But many of them can be overcome when we change our mindsets about the value of sharing knowledge (some call it content) digitally. In this podcast, I chat with Jo Miller who teaches women’s ledership at conferences, in […]

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Optimize for relevance: How to optimize your content without manipulation

We won’t be talking about black hat tips or strategies that annoy consumers here. We want to be found through authentic storytelling and relevant content marketing. As content marketers and business people, yes, we want to be found and we want people to buy from us. Even if we are “just” blogging and have no […]

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Interviewing Techniques: Listening Unveils Stories

One of the best content gathering/interviewing/brand journalism techniques might be to simply listen to people. But listening is hard, right? It’s our turn to ask a question or to share a tidbit. Why should we give up our turn? Because we love stories! Other people’s stories especially. And the only way to get to hear other people’s […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Mastering online and offline techniques to network successfully

Dave Delaney’s “New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline” takes readers through many of the tools available to all of us today to effectively network online and offline. Mr. Delaney shares how cold calls, meetings over coffee and conferences – like BarCamps – work hand in hand with online methods […]

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Content Strategy: Answer audience questions publicly

One of the many techniques to come up with ideas for blog posts or website articles is to respond to audience questions publicly. Somebody asks a question, answer them directly, but then also share the answer with others on your website and other channels. We know that different audience members prefer different channels of communication. Some […]

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Storytelling Techniques are Scalable

Is it easier for smaller or larger organizations to share their stories in a timely manner? Are authentic storytelling techniques scaleable? The answer is yes. A single person can share stories – a lot of stories. The more people are added to the mix, the amount of stories keeps growing – in theory at least. […]

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Blogging from a Mobile Device – Ins and Outs of Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging  WordPress apps aren’t perfect but they help us blog during those 10 minutes of free time that just happen here and there. Use time waiting for an upcoming appointment to finish and publish (or schedule) a post. It’s doable. This WordCamp Ottawa mobile blogging session discussed how to make the most of the mobile […]

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Video interviews help tell stories

Recording interviews of people who are part of stories that brand or traditional journalists are working on sharing opens up the options for content distribution. Even if you’ve haven’t shot video before, cameras continue to get easier and easier to use – even for the novice user. Small devices shoot great quality video today and […]

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WordCamp Las Vegas 2013: WordPress for Beginners – A session based on audience need

WordPress for Beginners: Overview My session at WordCamp in Las Vegas: WordPress for Beginners.This 35-minute session is geared toward beginners who are in the early stages of setting up their WordPress-powered site. The session talks about how I have used WordPress to start my own news startup and used WordPress at United Way of […]

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PODCAST: Why Personalized Content Isn’t Possible Yet

This podcast talks about how people care about what they care about. People read what they want to read. Some technologies exist to serve personalized content, but not across the board. Another problem: Not all relevant content is created and shared publicly. This podcast discusses the topic. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? […]

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Blogging Topics: Media Relations Training

Brad Phillips offers media relations training and public speaking tips, ranging from how to handle interview answers to live analysis of real-life incidents. His site is helpful, useful and authentic. He answered some questions for us to share some of his expertise with us. Question: How did you decide to start the site? Brad: I started the […]

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Vault Startup School: Living Authentically and Publicly

I was invited to talk about digital branding and authentic storytelling at the weekly startup school luncheon in Iowa’s Creative Corridor. You can find the overview notes and my slides below. Overview from Have lunch with Christoph Trappe at Vault on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, to hear his latest insights from his new digital branding projectfocused on […]

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