Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

My Workplace Revolution 2014 Talk: Organizational Storytelling

Move the podium, get out from your shadow and tell your story. (Photo by Justin Torner) I spoke at the DoubleTree in Cedar Rapids at the Workplace Revolution event in June 2014. Click here to see the agenda. An overview of my talk: Help your team share stories to enhance workplace culture Stories are the […]

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Re-Imagine Digital Marketing through Authentic Storytelling


August 13, 2014


Search algorithms change. Social networks evolve and sometimes fizzle away. One thing that isn’t going anywhere is the consumer’s need for relevant, educational, compelling and helpful information. The brands that feed this need — in the most relevant manner — will have the most customers, advocates and will make the most money! Helpful information is […]

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Story alignment: Would that “internal” story work and make sense “externally?”


August 11, 2014


This is an interesting question, I think. Usually, when there’s a need for two versions, the actual internal story isn’t all that positive. In a true authentic culture story, alignment is a moot point. When it comes to story alignment a few questions come to mind: Why is there an internal story AND an external […]

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PODCAST: What if your positive authentic stories turn negative?

Sharing our authentic stories publicly can be rewarding to the person sharing them and the audience consuming them. But, what if our positive stories turn negative? This podcast uses the story surrounding the birth of our second daughter in July 2014 as an example.    

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Social Media Participation is a Mindset

Effective social media participation starts with the right mindset. However we look at our social media channels is how we’ll participate on them. If we think of them as traditional marketing channels – like billboards, TV commercials and newspaper ads – we will post things that are in line with those channels. That’s when we […]

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Content marketers need relationships to share authentic stories

One of the prerequisites to being able to share authentic stories is the ability to build relationships. Sometimes those relationships are very short term. Sometimes they just appear short term. Many are long term – for better or worse. One of the prerequisites to being able to share authentic stories is the ability to build… […]

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Some channels get more attention than others

I record many shows on the DVR. Many of them I don’t find the time to watch – ever. Perhaps, the DVR playlist has replaced the stack of printed magazines I used to intend to read. I try to pay attention to all the shows, but there just isn’t enough time. But I do play […]

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Content marketing: Cutting facts without losing control

Content marketers, storytellers and even executives can fall in love with the facts to a story they are sharing with a wider audience. “If we love them, our audiences will too,” might be the attitude. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes cutting facts is a necessity. Our audiences will thank us. Not all facts […]

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Being perfect – Perfectionism can kill storytelling

If every post on any of my three blogs were perfect each would probably only have one to two posts. Instead, there are dozens and this blog alone has over 60,000 published words as of June 2014. That doesn’t mean I don’t aim for perfect, but at some point the publish button has to be pushed. Or else, […]

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Tweeting from conferences: Add value – not boredom

I love Twitter and I love Tweeting from conferences. I even “live” Tweet my own presentations. But there’s a difference between sharing meaningless blubber and sharing interesting, meaningful and unique content. Doing the latter can be very engaging and rewarding for the Tweeter and his or her followers. Here are my best practices when Tweeting […]

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#Contentchat on Twitter Discusses SEO and Content Marketing

At 2 p.m. on July 7, 2014, we will discuss how content marketers should keep SEO in mind when creating content that educates, enlightens and informs audiences. The hashtag chat will be on Twitter. Hope to see you there. For more go here.

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Approval Process: Why does this authentic story need to be approved in the first place?

Do authentic stories need to go through an approval process? In organizational storytelling it will probably be many more years before the majority of stories can be published without any additional approval process. If ever. But seriously: What’s getting approved? The story’s accuracy? Maybe, but that should be called fact checking. What is really getting […]

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