Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Social media strategy: Purpose without ability won’t get you there either

One of the latest content marketing and social media checklist exercises includes this: What’s your why? Why are you doing or trying to do whatever it is you are trying to do? I do this too – myself and with clients – and it does actually help us figure out why we should advance an organization’s […]

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How many brands get influencer marketing wrong

Influencer marketing can be highly beneficial for all involved: The brand  The influencer  The influencer’s audience  Related: Influencer marketing defined  But it can also backfire and make us look less positive and relevant than was intended.  Here’s how influencer marketing often looks unfortunately:  A brand out of the blue messages an “influencer” and says:  Hi, […]

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What’s with all the links on social media?


December 17, 2016

Social media, Strategies

Some days I look at my Twitter stream and every single Tweet is asking me to click on a link for more information on whatever topic the Tweet mentioned. Given that stories can be told in Tweets there’s really no need to link all the time. I link on Twitter, too. But not all the time. Twitter […]

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MY TEST: Does HTTPs really help with Google Search results?

A look at whether or not my blog performs better since I made the Google-recommended switch from http to the secure https.

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Changes …


November 29, 2016


Casey Neistat used to publish a daily YouTube vlog with 5 million subscribers. 5,000,000!!!  And then he quit. Pretty much cold turkey. Though I was guessing something was up when he didn’t publish anything for a few days. He, of course, did a video on that he’s stopping the vlog and moving on to other […]

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Prediction: A/B testing will disappear as experiences become truly personalized

A/B testing, of course, is a technique that marketers use to optimize their content and websites. It’s a somewhat easy way to figure out what works best: Are more people clicking on the blue box or the orange box? Do more people read this article if I post the picture here or there? A/B testing […]

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How event planners and people running meetings can use content marketing techniques for success 

We’ve all been in meetings and at conferences that were just bad. A waste of our time. Why am I here? Who thought this was necessary? Might as well have left me a voicemail that I could easily ignore. Ha. Many times when meetings or conferences blow for the attendees it comes back to one […]

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I’m done blogging, sharing knowledge and stories [This blog is now closed]

As my blogging on this site has grown in popularity (thanks all!) messages like this have become more common: “Great blog. I’m implementing many of the things you talk about.” I’ve even heard from higher education institutions in North America who are quoting concepts from my blog in classes. Those things are great to hear but […]

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VIDEO: I sometimes get negative audience feedback, too! Here it is…


November 16, 2016


I’m quick to share the positive testimonials I get when I speak. I create images with text and share them wide and afar. Some might say I’m throwing them a parade – a phrase I first heard on a Curalate/IMA webinar I was a guest on. You can find many of those positive testimonials on […]

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VIDEO: How helpful marketing teams can find ways to publish stakeholder content

Helpful storytellers often find ways to find a story for just about any topic. Look a little deeper to help people share their stories. Here's how.

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Create Once, Publish Everywhere: How to turn your podcast into a book


November 11, 2016


I’m a big fan of the Create Once, Publish Everywhere model. It’s really the only way to get the most out of our content anymore. This can include publishing your book based on your podcast, which is what Jared Johnson did. More about that in a moment, but here’s how Create Once, Publish Everywhere usually works for […]

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[TRAVEL] How to maximize international speaking or business trips 


November 10, 2016

Strategies, Travel

This article discusses how to get the most out of international business and speaking trips. Tips to get even more business out of one trip by global speaker Christoph Trappe.

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Content marketing is more about hitting singles than home runs 

With baseball season wrapping up in North America, what better time to use a baseball analogy. 🙂 Home runs are certainly fun to watch. Did that make it into the water outside the San Francisco Giants park? Did that make it onto the street outside the Baltimore Orioles diamond? You get the picture. Things can […]

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