Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Is influencer marketing taking over content marketing?

I’ve been to many content marketing conferences where they showed this graphic that shows how Google searches for content marketing have skyrocketed over recent years, according to Google Trends. People’s jaws would drop and it would reiterate to them the importance of content marketing. If that many people are searching for the topic that might […]

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How your brand should decide whether not to do an April fool story

April Fool’s Day can be a great occasion for brands to share stories – as part of their content marketing – that are outrageous, fun and, well, April Fool’s jokes. I haven’t published an April Fool’s story before on here but am considering it this year. Given that we have some time, I thought I’d […]

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Why some articles on the web are just too long

The debate surrounding the length of content online will likely rage on. Shorter, no longer, wait – medium-sized. 🛑 Stop ✋ Please. Create useful content and it won’t make a difference how long your content is. But, Google in late 2017 declared web content under 300 words to be thin. So maybe above 300-word blog […]

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How getting on a blogging schedule will help you stay on track 

This article discusses the ins-and-outs of scheduling content and how to get on a blogging schedule and how to stay on it.

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Can’t we just use other words for the reportedly forbidden words at the CDC? Director: Words not banned.

Christoph Trappe

December 17, 2017


An update via Twitter from the CDC Director saying there are no banned words: The below was written on 12/15/2017: Two days in a row with politics-related posts. Net neutrality yesterday and today the Washington Post reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been told not to use certain words. Really? The […]

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