Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

7 Years Worth of Halloween Costume Ideas for Marketers (with pictures)

A look at Halloween costumes worn by me from 2012 through 2018. Photos included.

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Should we be afraid of people building their own personal brands?

No. For the most part – especially in marketing-related businesses. Let’s dive into the topic of brand building… One of the most asked questions I get is if I run my own agency, am a freelancer or independent. I get it. I’m loud. I blog. I speak. I tweet. I likely will come on your […]

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Why I was so excited to speak at a sports entertainment conference in Berlin

Christoph Trappe

November 29, 2017


I gave a keynote at a sports conference in Berlin in 2017. This article discusses the importance of sports in my life.

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Email marketing: When a business keeps sending you birthday emails about your dead dog

Christoph Trappe

November 19, 2017

Email, Stories

A look at the impact animals can have on our lives and how email marketing sent on their birthdays can fail.

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How long can I go without driving my car in Iowa?

In August 2017, I started working from my home office. Here's a picture of the first iteration before getting some additional equipment: Here's how my commute looks: I have to say I really like working at home, just as much as I like traveling to clients for workshops and trainings. Walking down the steps feels […]

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