Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Email marketing: When a business keeps sending you birthday emails about your dead dog

Christoph Trappe

November 19, 2017

Email, Stories

A look at the impact animals can have on our lives and how email marketing sent on their birthdays can fail.

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6 Years Worth of Halloween Costume Ideas for Marketers (with pictures)

A look at Halloween costumes worn by me from 2012 through 2017. Photos included.

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Why I was so excited to speak at a sports entertainment conference in Berlin

Christoph Trappe

October 21, 2017


In October, I flew to Berlin to speak at a digital sports entertainment conference. Four hundred or so digital executives and me for about 30 minutes. I’m so excited for several reasons: I do enjoy blabbing. Ha. But more importantly, sports – in many ways – have gotten me to where I am today (or […]

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How long can I go without driving my car in Iowa?

In August 2017, I started working from my home office. Here's a picture of the first iteration before getting some additional equipment: Here's how my commute looks: I have to say I really like working at home, just as much as I like traveling to clients for workshops and trainings. Walking down the steps feels […]

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When I ran into a demonstration in Berlin …

On my Summer 2017 trip to Berlin I was having beers with a friend when I saw a lot of police šŸ‘® activity outside. You know how it is …. once a reporter, always a reporter. Time to investigate and we were done with our beers anyway.  Ich bin ein Storyteller.  Turns out a demonstration […]

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[TRAVEL PHOTOS] The emotions visiting (the history of) BerlinĀ 

Of course Berlin, the once divided city in the eastern part of Germany, has a lot of history – some of it not so good. The Berlin Wall and the Third Reich are two things that come to mind and thankfully the city has created local sites where tourists or really anyone can go and […]

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