Why marketing certificates are worth getting (with expert tips)

Continuous learning in marketing should really be a requirement. Whether that’s in the form of getting a specific marketing certificate, in-house training or going to conferences can be a matter of personal choice. But at the end of the day, marketing strategies change too quickly and too often to marketers to not continue to learn new things.

[Travel diaries] Should I have taken my 11-year-old daughter on a mileage run to make airline status?

Estimated read time: 3 minutesThe other day I realized that my 11-year-old, who has been to Europe a bunch of times recently – including 3 times in 12 months – hadn’t flown economy to Europe in 10 years. Yup. the last time she was sitting […]

Caught in a blizzard and how easy it is to get stuck in a rut [Business process angle]

Estimated read time: 4 minutesWe flew into Chicago O’Hare after a trip to Europe in November 2018 while the Midwest was facing a blizzard. It appeared however that there was a very clear dividing line between an area without bad weather to the north and […]

Rideshare diaries: What stories should I share with my Uber driver and who is my Uber driver anyway?

Estimated read time: 4 minutesI’ve been chronicling some of the rideshare stories I’ve encountered as an occasional Uber and Lyft driver. It’s so interesting to hear what people are willing to share with a stranger! It’s been fun to drive around for a few extra […]

With all the dangers, why I would play football again and would let my kids play as well

Estimated read time: 4 minutesI was not surprised to see the headline that fewer kids are going out for football in Eastern Iowa, but I also know this: They might be missing out. Of course, the headlines have been out there about concussions and longer-term […]