Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

How to maneuver today’s world of churn

We live in a world of churn today. And we might as well get used to it and make it work for ourselves and our businesses. Because if we don’t understand the realities of churn it can be quite stressful.  OH NO. Another person unsubscribed or unfollowed. That doesn’t feel good. See. Ha. So what […]

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Why it’s quite okay to wear pajamas on New Years Eve and stay home!


December 31, 2016


If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me over the last 10 or 20 or whatever many years where I will go and celebrate New Years Eve, I could likely buy 42 more pairs of pajamas. Not that I need that many. Unfortunately, when people have asked that they didn’t usually give […]

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How to do a podcast and Periscope live video at the same time

With the multitude of channels out there today we should always aim to use every piece of content on at least six channels, maybe even more, depending on what the piece of content is. A blog post can be split off into at least a dozen or so social media posts. A tweet can be […]

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Looking back on 2016…


November 29, 2016


There’s still a month left in 2016, but I’m taking the time today to wrap things up here for the year. (More on that tomorrow.) This year was interesting and more successful than unsuccessful. I flew around the globe again, sharing and training the important message of sharing our authentic stories. 90,000 airline miles total […]

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Reliving your entire childhood on one walk


November 28, 2016

Stories, Travel

I grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany, but today live in the United States. On a recent trip back, while I was speaking at three events in Europe, I took a 2 1/2 hour walk around town-basically most of my childhood. It was kind of interesting I walked by my old schools, where I practiced Judo […]

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#Dadlife: Why date night without leaving the house is not lame 


November 21, 2016


Every once in a while my wife and I like to have a date night. So our two girls go to the sitters and we go out to a movie or dinner or something like that. It usually included going out because that seems to be the standard definition of a date. But more recently […]

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The Waze app now reminds us to not forget our kids in the car 


November 12, 2016

Stories, Technology

We see the stories usually during the summers – another parent forgot their baby in the car, the baby died because of the heat and wasn’t found until later – sometimes as late as the end of the day when the parent returns from work.  The stories are heartbreaking for all involved and parents can […]

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ZDoggMD: How humor, uniqueness and fun can tell educational stories for millions

Zubin Damania, MD, was a Stanford physician who was following in his dad’s footsteps: Being a doctor in the typical healthcare system. But that wasn’t enough he told the audience at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas in 2016. “I was living somebody else’s story.” So he made changes. Huge ones. For him and […]

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I cried today because a high school teammate was ambushed and killed 


November 2, 2016


And then I had to explain that whole situation to my 8-year-old! When I was eight we didn’t need to have conversations like this! Seriously, could we stop this madness! Tony Beminio was one of two officers killed in the Des Moines area over night. Tony and I were teammates on the  1995 Iowa City […]

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5 Years Worth of Halloween Costume Ideas for Marketers (with pictures)


October 30, 2016

Creativity, Stories

A look at Halloween costumes worn by me from 2012 through 2016. Photos included.

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Why I’m super nervous about giving a talk in my native language soon


October 29, 2016

Stories, Travel

As you may know, I grew up in Germany and moved to the United States at age 16. (More on that here.) And German is my native tongue, though today – 20-plus years after moving to the Midwest – I dream in English. Doing math in English took the longest to transition.  Most of my […]

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Why do we blame people for telling us the truth?

Hearing the truth – especially when it’s negative – can hurt. It’s so much easier to live in la-la land where everything is great. In reality, even when most things are great there are always some that aren’t. “Hearing the truth – especially when it’s negative – can hurt.” – @ctrappe Click To Tweet When […]

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Speaking engagements: Why I always like to check out the venue when nobody is around


October 25, 2016

Stories, Training

When I speak – especially at venues new to me – I always try to see the location where I will be speaking before speaking. Often that’s the night before or earlier that same day before the talk, when there are no attendees or organizers around. It helps me visualize what it looks like, where […]

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